For those following the Dave Shand story, there’s not much going on. No major media source has mentioned the story. Recently Shand’s former co-host on WTKA 1050 Mike Wickett offered a few words on the situation here on For those not closely monitoring the message board I thought I’d call it out:

Sounds like a lot has happened since I’ve been gone. Dave has never been one to pull punches, especially on the air. I also know Dave understood what good radio was, and how close you sometimes needed to come to “that line”. I have no “inside info” on the situation, but I can only hope Dave and WTKA lands on its feet. Cheers from Milwaukee!! – Wickett

Wickett left WTKA a few months before Shand’s firing to join former program manager Ryan Maguire in Milwaukee at station WSSP. He currently co-hosts The Doug Russell Show weekday mornings in Brew-town. Wickett and Shand hold the distinction of having the interview with Bo Schembechler just minutes before his death.

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  1. And Josh V seems to have disappeared as well, replaced by J Raty. Any word on that?

  2. Josh gave his two week notice the day after I was fired. Maguire hired him in Milwaukee and he started there last Thursday. He is just producing for now.