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Broom and Boom:

We got you in Hoops, Ice Dancing and Jinxes.  (Oh, and embroidery).


Pres-elect Schlissel getting a tour from U-M Marketing chief Hunter Lochmann.

  Timmy Hardaway in the house representing and showing off his extra long digits.


DSCN5479 Funchess giving $ advice D Funch giving Stauskas some pointers during pregame




Several NBA Scouts on hand, here are a few looking over whatever they look at.  They must have been drooling over Payne.  I told one of them that #Levert was a pure athlete.  Reply: “Yes he is.”


“AP…Why do they call me the Angry Midget?  Why?” 


 DSCN5539 FalkJon Falk!  His last day officially on the job is coming up!  :(

Maize Rage feeling it!  They joined the dance team for a spicy little routine during the game.


 Capt. Jake Ryan with Laura Hoke as Coach Mattison looks on.  Scoop: at this pace no chance Jake’s flowing locks return for ‘14.

DSCN5576 NOISE!There is a lot going on here, all good to me.


DSCN5543 Pre Makeup call  Beilein going ballistic after the blocking call in front of him  – he wasn’t alone. 


My pal Jil Gordon representing!


Zack Novak Attack (was was Back)

 Happy Coach


DSCN5567 Hoke  Happy Coach part II. “This happens all the time guys.  Just like this.”


Photo Feb 23, 2 13 02 PMStaus-KISS! –  that’s pure $CAN right there. (and photobombed by Bill Martin? WTF)

All good!

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  1. Great pictures! It looks like everyone was there to experience this great win. Hopefully it helped Hoke with the football recruits.