Via the #1000SSS game notes: “The U-M defense forced 12 three-and-outs, holding the Maryland offense to 1-of-18 on third-down opportunities.”  Yikes.  For the second straight week the opponent didn’t even get close to scoring.  I haven’t felt bad for an opponent in a long time but I was seriously concerned about the welfare (well before he was body slammed) of that Terrapin back-up QB.  The dude should have hid his helmet.


  • We’re fortunate to have many options at back, but clearly De’Veon Smith was missed.  Here’s to hoping he’s ready for Northwestern.
  • Brandy and Dierdorf went on and on about this on the radio call (I #mutedMillen) but the physical recovery of Drake Johnson after the ACL is remarkable.   I love how that dude runs with the pigskin.   Check out this shot (HT: G. Loose), DJ gets up at least 6’ on his repaired knee:


  • You can’t do it, but seriously, I’d love to see the analysis on whether Michigan should have elected to kickoff to start the second half. Mathlete?


  • I loved the performance of Desmond Morgan – if nothing else for how many times the guy had his hand on the football.  Via the Michigan Daily:


  • From the shelves of Ann Arbor Armchair & Nitpick:
    • I don’t get going for two up 12-0 with eight minutes left in the third.
    • It clearly wasn’t what Harbaugh wanted, but the lil’ squib at the end of the first half was horrific.
    • No matter how good the defense is, if Rudock can’t stretch the field it’s going to catch up to us.

Sights and Sounds:

Ollie’s – Dear lord.  I’m sure there are righteous bargains at Ollie’s but dude…I’m thankful we don’t see this stuff inside the Big House:


History Notes:

  • Via the official game notes, the last time U-M pitched back-to-back shutouts was in the 2000 season, when the Wolverines shut out the Indiana Hoosiers (58-0) and Michigan State Spartans (14-0) in consecutive contests from Oct. 14-21.
  • Did you know Michigan actually pitched a pair of shutouts in the same afternoon on this day (Saturday October 3) in 1931?   Yes, we played and bagel’d CMU and EMU in one afternoon.  If you listened to TWIMFbH you knew.

Mood:   New chart.  Thanks again to Scott at The Blockhams for the M Mood faces…that we both agree kind of look like ol’ Coach Harbaugh himself!

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  • No major updates to the Uniform Timeline.
  • Again – the helmet stickers are out of control and there’s been no attempt to slow the roll.  Jamie Morris declared a couple weeks ago that at some point they don’t actually put the stickers on the helmet – they put them on a wall or something.  That might be the plan, but either way it seems everyone is heading for a skullcap full a stickers, now projecting one week away from being full-on Hammersteined:

Photo Oct 04, 8 37 16 AM

  • OK, after a couple games now, what do you think of the all-white roadies?

Regarding the All-Whites:

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Mudbowl – I’m hearing the annual pigskin battle in the slop at the corner of Washtenaw and South U. is on (in some form) this weekend coming weekend.

100 years of Moe’s – Did you know it’s the 100th anniversary of Moe’s this year?     Check out this fact – thankfully something good actually happened around here in 1934:








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  1. It is a little scary that the next game after those consecutive shut outs in 2000 was the 54-51 Northwestern game. I would be even more surprised if it happened this year.

  2. Could they make the helmet stickers smaller? Would it be impossible to keep the fine details of the wolverine head if we did that?

    • I think it would look even better if they got rid of the ovals and just used the wolverine head. Kind of like what Georgia does with the dog bones and Stanford with the axes.

  3. 1975-1982 version without the football: