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More shots from the Central Michigan game – here’s a few capturing of the goings on off the field:

1 Touch

Nicely done, that’s a ‘10’


Baby Mattison

Unauthorized little baby on the field?  Naw, that’s a Mattison

1 1000SSS budget

Don’t remember the Regents approving the purchase of the official pregame stadium trikes? 


Coat of Arms

Walking in, many of the players had this Coat of Arms-looking pin on their blazers – anyone know the deal?

More after the jump including Beilein, Jake Ryan’s locks, QWASH clowning and more..

1 Beilein

Major love for Coach Beilein all around the stadium – here getting it from the students as the MMB heads over



1 Jake aww shucks

Hair Ryan…wait..Jake???  Where are the flowing locks??


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1 Hoke with 76 clowin

QWASH sneaks in a little pregame clownin’ behind Brady


1 Comm Gordon

Commissioner Gordon warms up

1 Mattison



1 Banner and Jake

77 leads them out..Jake Ryan showing he can move (right)


1 Rescue

Scouting the golf course for over-served CMU students. 


1 Jet Pack guy

Jetpack man wears Nikes.  Someone FOIA his contract?


Bell Diablo

One man’s take on what Bo would do: wear Buffalo headgear, toss on crazy shades, pound a cowlbell and dub himself ‘BELL DIABLO’


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