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You love these lists, you hate these lists, but since this one mentions Fielding H. Yost it landed safely in my feed reader.  ESPN’s Page 2’s writer David Schoenfield assessed the “the greatest perfect seasons across all sports, and here’s where Yost’s quintessential Point-a-Minute team of 1901 was slotted:

28. 1901 Michigan football (11-0)
Under the legendary Fielding Yost, Michigan outscored its opponents 555-0, including a 49-0 thrashing of Stanford in the first Rose Bowl, to win the mythical national championship. (Back then, sportswriters referred to it as the "voluminous altercation over the determination of the unequaled college football champion in all the country." Harvard went 12-0 that year and argued it was the national champion. See, college football hasn’t changed in 107 years; in fact, if Michigan and Harvard played today, we wouldn’t know who would win. Be prepared for defeat, Michigan, be prepared.

No, I’m not going to react other than to say I’m happy they at least recognized something that happened before 1981.  Speaking of lists, I’m going to leave this silly list ranking Big Ten coaches alone where it belongs.

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