I see that the News and Free Press are reporting that Nick Sheridan suffered some type of serious leg injury on Tuesday.   I sure hope they verified this with the proper sources.

They each use the term “apparently” in their headline–does that excuse them if this turns out to be untrue?

Update 3/26: Both papers dropped the “apparently” from their latest updates.  Angelique has a source close to the program backing up that Sheridan will be out for the spring.

Update II: Rodriguez confirms Sheridan’s out 4-6 weeks, minor fracture.   No, not the end of the world but if anyone thinks this is good because Forcier might get more snaps, it’s not.   That’s almost as bad as the take that Michigan would have been better off in the NIT this season to get more games.


  1. Since when is getting more snaps for Forcier “NOT” good. I think it is GREAT!

  2. A: When it’s at the expense of a quarterback who’s actually played getting injured.

  3. Agreed. What is with people acting like this is no big deal? Until anyone’s seen Forcier (or Robinson – that irks me even more that people are talking about him at this point, at least callers on WTKA) take a snap at the college level, you can’t possibly think anything positive about this. There’s a reason Sheridan has been taking the snaps with the first team this spring. All this denial is starting to get to me almost as much as the negativity hurled at Coach Carr during the last couple years of his tenure. Just needed to get that off my chest.

  4. Lew, great points. Anyone who’s rejoicing over this must have zero confidence in Rodriguez.

  5. Spot on, Greg. One big reason why it helps having our most experienced QB in there is that the rest of the guys still need to learn and grow into the offense. With Sheridan, the playbook can expand. With a new QB, we’re back to the basics. Maybe Forcier is the QB of the future, who knows? But I’d be a lot more comfortable if he could learn and develop at the pace the coaching staff wants him to.

  6. Your right, nobody has seen Forcier or Robinson play. We have seen Sheridan play. Please give him a ball cap and a clipboard. Sheridan needs to begin his coaching career NOW!

  7. To clarify:
    I think it is bad that Sheridan got hurt, but it is good that Forcier will get more snaps. Does that make sense? If not I give in to your opinion.