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Love this one.  Check out this University of Michigan-branded smoking tin up on eBay right now.   The haggard tin up for sale is on the left below..

Hash Cut Duo

..but I found a better look at a better preserved version (on the right) via Flickr user Wystan’s collection.   The only thing that would have made it better is if Fielding Yost was featured lighting some up.  Backside:

imageOf course smoking was a big part of the campus culture for many years, and I know that during game weeks “Smokers”, i.e., smoking-themed events were held at the Union to support the football team and have an all out good time.   From a different recent auction here’s a tin cup from the Smoker held November 28, 1911 in honor of that fine football season and team, held just a few days after the team returned from the epic trip out to Nebraska:

1911 Michigan Smoker Tin Cup Thanks to reader Brian for passing that along after the original post.

As I understand it tobacco companies would sign up to provide hundreds of pounds of the good stuff for these events.  Just a hunch—the company that created that tin took it a bit further by slapping the U-M brand on their product. 

You can bet many of the M football players themselves smoked tobacco, and recall that years later Fritz Crisler asked everyone trying out for the squad that question—even  including studs like Tom Harmon (from survey prior to 1939 season):


Around the same time as Fritz’s questionnaire someone was marketing a Michigan Stadium ash tray (for the true fan…who wanted to snuff out his smokes on Michigan stadium):

Michigan ash tray The seller of the righteous (albeit severely worn) tobacco tin is asking for a bid of $99 or a best offer.   Good luck.


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  1. Greg,
    ya gotta check out this 1911 “Smokers” tin cup.

  2. ebay item number 330948058876