The folks at Discovery/TLC found my original post on the Michigan bike the folks at Orange County Choppers put together to benefit Mott Hospital. They were kind enough to pass along more info:

This episode premieres on TLC at 9 PM ET/PT on Thursday, January 31. The bike is finished and unveiled at the Ohio State/Michigan game in the American Chopper episode that premieres on Thursday, February 7.

And better yet, they sent over a link to a sneak preview of the episode just posted on YouTube so dig it:

If your Nazi bossman locks down flash or YouTube on your PC, the preview starts with young Mikey stepping into Schembechler Hall and meeting Lloyd Carr himself. Here’s the initial exchange between the two legends:

Mikey: Pleasure to meet you
Carr: Welcome to Ann Arbor
Mikey: It’s good to be here
Carr: You gonna give me a lesson on how to ride this bike?
Mikey: Sure. Why, are you going to be riding the bike?
Carr: Yeah
Mikey: Really?
Carr: I’m going to be bidding on it.

Mikey is rumored to be a big fan of MVictors as well. I’m working on an MVictors themed bike to benefit JDRF in 2009.


  1. Awesome – what a great idea for a great cause! That Mikey must be a good dude – Coach Carr let him in to a practice, with cameras, no less!

    And Webmaster, while you’re getting all buddy-buddy with the Discovery Channel folks, see what you can do about getting them back into sponsoring a cycling team. Club MVictors has no team to pull for in this year’s Tour. Also, they need to get back into covering adventure racing – Eco Challenge narrated by Liam Neeson was the greatest thing on TV. Ever.

  2. Very cool. I’ll definitely be watching.

  3. The commercial promo that they’re airing on the HD Theater channel definitely has me in it – I was psyched when I saw it. It’s a shot of me and some of my friends walking into the OSU game last year. Right after Mikey says that Michigan is his graceland it shows a shot of us jumping up and down and yelling into the camera. The greatest part about it is they had to bleep my out because I was yelling “BUCK THE FUCKEYES!!!”