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It’s always (well, usually) nice to get a link from another blog or website to a story you post.   I recently posted a slightly more detailed version of eBay Watch as a guest on mgoblog [see eBay Watch: Michigan Football Turns 100].  It received a few links outside the M blogosphere, including a few worth mentioning:

  • mgoblue.com– Yes, the official athletics site enjoyed the post on the centennial and included a link in its thrice weekly M Notebook enewsletter yesterday.  Very cool.  Am I a sell-out now?
  • The Ann Arbor Chronicle—   The breakthrough A2 News site also linked to the story, and included a nice summary.

Also, a little different take on the “Chrysler” vs. “Crisler” blunder might make it into next month’s Ann Arbor Observer, so look out for that.

Programming Note: Like Brian of mgblog, I am off on vacation for a few days and return next week.  (We’re both in Ibiza at a blogging/techno festival).

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