From the Free Press, the reinstatement of MSU football player Glenn Winston has sent A.J. Sturges, the hockey player Winston assaulted, over the edge.  Sturges’ statement on the matter was posted in full on  An excerpt:

I now look at myself as naïve. I believed that the people involved in the assault, and those at MSU charged with handling policy, would do the right thing. They haven’t.

Me and the other victims have not received any form of apology from Glenn Winston. Nothing. He has not acknowledged to us in any way the damage he caused. While this fact remains ignored, I cannot allow myself to believe that his debts have been paid, or even understood.

While the victims of his actions still recover from what he did, Winston’s obligations have been deemed fulfilled by the football program and athletic department. I think his immediate reinstatement after a shortened jail sentence in my opinion is the wrong decision by our athletic program.

Obviously an interesting situation that’ll evoke a few emotions on the Green side of the house, perhaps even moreso than when Jimmy Harbaugh took a shot across the bow at old Blue.   This is unique in that the blast is coming from a student athlete at the same school.

So, while I don’t have all the facts after reading this bomb Dantonio and crew might have been better served to have a meeting with Winston and Sturges over a burger & keno at Paul Revere’s Tavern (just off campus), have these guys smoke peace pipe and suggest a timetable for Winston’s return, assuring Sturges that this matter is being taken seriously.  Still might be a good idea a la’ Obama’s beer summit sans the Bud Light.


  1. Agree whole-heartedly. If everyone involved would’ve just sat down one another when this originally happened around October-November (and it might have, who really knows), this issue would’ve been well on it’s way to being in the past.

    There’s clearly hurt feelings on both sides still, and even though a sit down between all parties (including Dantonio, the AD, and others) might not help things, if definitely wouldn’t make things worse.

    And they’d probably go to Crunchy’s. I don’t know of many undergrads that go to Paul Revere’s these days.

  2. Crunchy’s? Why not just have it at the Breslin and sell tickets? :)