We all ‘borrow’ photos and images from other websites. I don’t know the etiquette on this stuff is, but if you borrow a doctored photo from someone else, shouldn’t you mention it? I suppose there are exceptions (e.g., if the entire world has already had the pic emailed to them), but one of MVictors’ readers Biggie Munn spotted this pic of Tom Izzo as Bruce Springsteen on 1270 WXYT’s Sports Inferno Website.

Here’s the original story from February 2006 featuring Izzo as The Boss, including the doctored pic.


  1. MVictors – best guess on how they searched to make the swipe? Ironic a Sparty took a pic from an M blog.

  2. Search google images for Tom Izzo, it shows up on page 2. That’s probably where he gripped it. Scavenger.