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Rodriguez addressing the players after the game

File this under Miscellanea, a few final bullets, photos and takes from the Spring Game:

  • The punting was so brutal Rodriguez didn’t even have to be asked directly about it in the postgame news conference.  He called it “concerning”.  Yep.  Let’s hope incoming freshman punter Will Hagerup lives safe and clean until August.
  • Speaking of the presser, you can here the whole thing here.  If you’re wondering, it was radio voice Frank Beckmann who asked the Pat White question which has got to be getting old for RR:

  • A few folks asked for a high res copy of the Denard making everyone blurry photo (above), here you go.
  • I spoke to senior Greg Banks who won the great Meyer Morton award, presented to the player showing the most development and promise during spring ball.   The history of this honor dates back to 1925 and as discussed here more than once, it was originally intended for underclassmen but don’t blame Rich Rod for changing this.   Bo started to give the award to seniors and juniors, and for the past several years it’s been given exclusively to seniors.   The official press release even calls it an award for “the senior football player…”   Past winners include Braylon, Henne, Breaston, Jimmy Harbaugh and digging way back, future prez Gerald Ford back in 1932.  Here’s president Ford posing with the award:

  • Troy Woolfolk is a media favorite as he’s always got something funny to say.   Dave Birkett of A2.com captured another great story here, with Woolfolk letting everyone know about “T-Wolf”, his alter ego.   No, T-Wolf doesn’t surf atop moving vans, he prefers to kick butt and if dinged up, he won’t cry.
  • AD Dave Brandon was at the game, chatting with reporters and shaking a few hands of folks on the field and a few fans.  Here’s the new boss with Rodriguez before the game:


  • One question coming into the season was what was to be done with Art Deco “MICHIGAN STADIUM” lettering attached to the pressbox.  I believe there are two sets of those letters, and Brad at Maize and Blue Nation found out where they put one of them, check it out here, but I think they inverted the S.  [Ed.  As noted in the comments, correct, the S is correctly positioned, it’s just an oddly organized art deco S]
  • One final photo, here’s another media favorite Roy Roundtree crossing the goal line after his long touchdown reception:

d Roy Scores


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    3. I believe the S in the Art Deco lettering is correct the way they have it there. At least, that’s the way it was when it was on the press box.