Early bird gets the worm.  A few photos from the tour of the Michigan football locker room in progress, ending at 10am.  It’s a beautiful day and I’m guessing you are going to see a pretty good crowd today.   At around 8:15 the line for the tour wraps out of the stadium gate, east around Crisler up to Stadium and back up half way to Main Street.  The guys inside managing the crowd are barking at folks to keep moving, and they should. 

Enjoy a few photos (click to enlarge), especially those of you with good intentions but just couldn’t get out of the sack. 

DSC05732 DSC05745
 DSC05739 DSC05735
DSC05736 DSC05737
DSC05741 DSC05742
DSC05747 DSC05748
DSC05744 DSC05733


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  2. Nice pcs. Where are the ipod dvd players and lockers for cash and jewels

  3. Why do they spell Honor the British way? “Honour”

  4. Maybe they put that Brit Zoltan Mesko in charge of that project

  5. Rosey, Good question on the spot for the devices, chains and jewels. I didn’t see any decent place to stash their goods or Cone’s Febreeze

  6. Under the seat (which are hinged and lift up) at each locker is a storage chest with a lock on it. That is where the players keep their personal valuables.

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