I popped out to the Big House to catch part of the tour today, a few thoughts and naturally a few photos.

  • I’m not sure if they are still available, but if you are in the market for a suite consider grabbing one on the end.    Yes, you’d think that’s the worst view but the view is just fine, they are the lowest priced at $55K, I hear they are slightly bigger than the others and – they have windows on two sides affording you a view of Ann Arbor and campus (from the north side) and of the golf course from the south.  They are effectively the corner office of the suites.
  • Dave Brandon was on WTKA this morning and said he’s reviewed the plans for the Crisler renovation and said “you won’t believe” what they are going to do.   Here’s a shot of the current work they’re doing on Cazzie’s House:

001 - Crisler East

  • Recently an MVictors reader asked me about the status of the plaque of Bob Ufer that used to located on the entry to the press box.  I asked Dave Ablauf about this today, he said the plaque is safely tucked away in the media relations offices and they are still working on what to do with it.
  • The new FieldTurf is in, a view from the new press box:

003 - Press Box field

  • They did a very nice job with some of the graphics around the stadium, here mixing a U-M drum major with the cover of the sheet music to The Victors, circa 1905, a favorite of mine:

007 - The Victors Graphics

  • The chairback premium seats are very nice as well.  They affixed tags on the available locations for fans to claim:

009 - Pick Your Seats

  • Still putting on some finishing touches, here filling out the block ‘M’ on the east side:

005 - M Maize

  • I have no idea what these guys are doing but it’s cool:

004 - Finishing Touches

  • This is not cool.   Please remove the orange dunce cap from Old 98 please:

0098 - Old 98

  • Like I’ve said, I’m guessing the Grand Old Man would be proud of what they’ve done to the stadium:

009 - Yost Field House

More photos from UM Tailgate this morning
And from mgoblog
And from Lon at AnnArbor.com


  1. I was very impressed during my tour, but a few things struck me (besides my niece asking me if the suites were where we were going to sit now.

    * A ridiculous point, but I hope that they've considered the pounding, weather and nature wise, the suite windows are going to take. I say this only for the hope that someone will be coming through to clean them pretty regularly, because it could get kind of annoying to be sitting there and thinking "this is a terrible view!"

    * Did it seem odd to anyone else that the suites have windows to the left and right, rather than tinted windows or mirrors? Upon further reflection, I suppose it is to make you feel, when you're sitting in the twelve lower seats like you're still a part of the crowd, but I wonder how many people, when they're in the suites, really want to see what is going on in the suite next to them.

    * They're going to need to make sure that they check how the club seats drain when it rains.

    These are minor things, and I was highly highly impressed with the quality, the look, the feel, and the overall sense of sheer excellence that the tower exuded. They've done a great job with them and I am glad that they're showing them off to people. If this is what Bill Martin wanted to be as the centerpiece of his legacy, I think he did an excellent job, and I look forward to seeing what David Brandon can do from here with Crisler and Yost.

    • Greg from MVictors

      As always, great take. I'm with you on left and right windows in the suites. I mean, if I'm an owner I really don't want the folks next to me all in my business.

  2. James F. Epperson

    I was out of town so missed the tour. Here is an idea I hope someone w/ influence will push on Brandon:

    I expect the University will retain at least one of the suites as a venue for hosting visiting dignitaries. On game days when that suite is not being used, there ought to be a lottery among student ticket holders, with the winners getting to watch the game from the suite.

    • There's a President's suite on the 50 yard-line. I really doubt it would go un-used on a game day, but maybe the occasional student will be invited to sit there.