It’s confirmed that Michigan’s head of compliance, Judy Van Horn, will be leaving her post officially in January 2011. 

Here’s the official statement from Michigan AD Dave Brandon: “Judy Van Horn served the University of Michigan well during her nine years.  We wish her well in her new career pursuits.”

Van Horn started at Michigan in 2001, mainly overseeing the athletic department’s Compliance Services office. Van Horn currently serves as the University’s primary liaison with the Big Ten Conference Office, NCAA and Michigan’s Office of the General Counsel for compliance issues and is a member of the athletics department executive staff.

She was of course a central figure in the NCAA investigation of the football program and the missing CARA forms.


  1. I read that the NCAA’s final report specifically exonerated the compliance office and its staff, saying that they did everything possible, including notifying the Athletic Director of the problem in a timely manner and continuing to pursue the matter with the football staff.

    I haven’t read the report, but I think that’s important context to Van Horn leaving the University, given the obvious implications.

  2. Guanxi You should read it. Yes, it exonerates her — compare to the UM Filing, which singles her out for her alleged failure to communicate with RR. (The truth was, as the NCAA found, she communicated one way to him over and over; he just plain lies about not having "heard" or "read" what she said. So UM hung her out to dry.) But the fat lady has not sung. .Because of the strange NCAA procedural rules, the WVU NCAA charges couldn't be considered in the UM case. And the NCAA's charges against WVU already state that RR was TOLD by WVU Compliance about excess coach and practice violations — and RR then kept right on doing it. So RR knew all along what he was doing in having too many coaches and too much practice. Whatever you think of RR as a coach — good or bad, and whatever you think about whether too much practice and too many coaches is significant — the primary lesson from reviewing all the evidence is this one: RR has big "character issues", because he's willing to continually shade the truth.

  3. I am just going to say that there is no way Judy was to blame for the RR practice hour thing. She is not there with a stop watch is she. He was suppose to turn in the forms and was told repeatidly to do so. This is another case of laying blame on the compliance office so the football team and coaches dont look bad. Just look at the OSU tatoo scandel. There is no way in hell the players were not told that recieving free tatoos was wrong. They know they can't recieve anything without paying. And they blamed the compliance dept so the team won't serve severe sanctions.