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On the WTKA replay hour (2-3), they reaired a segment from the Dan Patrick Show.  DP was chatting with Charles Barkley and they were talking about Webber’s famous (I think overrated) dunk on Sir Charles from years back.  Patrick then asked him if he knew that Webber stole one of his socks back in the day, and Chuck wasn’t exactly sure what he was talking about. 

Some props to Patrick for remembering this nugget but while C-Webb did apparently steal socks and jockstraps (?) from the 1992 Dream Team, he specifically heisted one of Barkley’s shoes.  Here’s my original post from 2008 and what really happened:


Check this out from Sports Illustrated this week [12/29/08 issue]. On the Dan Patrick ‘Just My Type‘ page, Chris Webber talks about his time on the practice squad for the 1992 Olympic Dream Team while he was at Michigan.

IT’S NICE to know that even stars get nervous around their idols.  Before the 1992 Olympics, Chris Webber was one of the players on a practice squad that provided opposition for the Dream Team.  He shared a limo from the airport in Barcelona with Larry Bird.  "I was shaking, calling him Mr. Bird," Webber said. "He was very nice. It was a 10-minute car ride. I said, ‘It was nice meeting you.’  He was like, ‘Yeah, you can grab my bag.’" Webber left with more than just memories: "I got autographs, I stole socks out of their bags, I took everything, even jockstraps.  I took one of Charles Barkley’s shoes.  I was just a kid in a wonderland."

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