An excellent press conference featuring Michigan wrestler Steve Luke, shortly after taking the NCAA championship at 174 pounds:

So he wrestles at 174, that makes his “walking around” weight about 185? Is it too late to throw a winged helmet on this gent have him roam the secondary? Great interview, an impressive lad.

Update 3/26:  Luke joined Sam Webb on WTKA:


  1. Great to see MVictors getting Steve up for everyone to see.

    The first UNDEFEATED national champion for Michigan since 1974. And someone who embodies the true meaning of “student-athlete.” Go Blue!

  2. The guy is a bad ass. I love the part of the interview where he (politely) calls out guy who runs the wrestling website who said he wouldn’t win b/c he keeps the matches too close.

  3. He is a bad ass. But also one of the humblest people you’ll ever meet. That’s what makes him so unique.

    His interview after the semi-finals is just as good, if not better.

  4. Another Michigan Man doing well…

    “Calgary RW David Moss was awarded the 2008-09 Ralph T. Scurfield Humanitarian Award, which goes to the Flames player who exemplifies determination and leadership along with dedication to community service.”

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