Great stuff.   First off the MVP:

4 juniorJunior Megatron Hemingway after stepping from the podium


1 - hoke waiting

Hoke waiting for the replay decision on the Virginia Tech overtime touchdown


1 - mobbing gibbons

Mobbing Gibbons after the kick


2 - koger

Koger and Odoms on stage

2 -denard gardner

Devin Gardner and Denard Robinson delivering their complex array of 5s


3 - blue meets maize

Maize meets Blue confetti.  Maroon and Orange confetti lining bird cages tomorrow.


3 - molk

Molk looks at the Michigan fans while being fitted for his Pour some Sugar T-shirt


4 - rvb

RVB checks the fans


5 - Hoke

Hoke preps for ESPN postgame.  They made him switch sides of the desk for whatever reason.


6 - mattisonMattison postgame



7 molk

Warrior Molk about to take off the M jersey for the last time – but not quite yet.   Asked why he jumped into the game after the first series despite the pain, said he was “just doing what a Michigan Man is supposed to do.”


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    1. I love that the championship t-shirts are made big enough to fit over a jersey, shoulder pads and all. BTW, are you sure that’s Denard that Devin is slapping hands with?

    2. @Ed
      Good take on the shirts fitting over the pads. Re: whether that’s Denard – I was standing right there and while things were moving fast, I have a few different shots and that’s the bracelet Denard wears on his right and in other shots you can see the wristband/playchart he has on his left.