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  • Tom Osborne.  Brandon heaped praise on Nebraska’s AD Tom O.  Brandon joked that he was glad he won’t be the “rookie” AD in the conference next season.
  • Discussions with the other ADs/division.  Brandon was impressed with the nature of the discussions with the other schools, and “the tone” they had in the discussions.  Focus on division alignment was more focused on competitive balance than with things like geography.
  • Rivalries.  Anyone worried about Michigan not playing Ohio State of MSU each season…don’t worry about it.  Brandon puts that to rest here.  If this wasn’t the case Brandon joked they’d still be in Chicago arguing.
  • Future expansion? He could live with there they are right now (with 12 teams) “forever”
  • Conference championship location – Said because the timeline very short, and have to reschedule the entire 2011 season, so he’s less concerned about the location.   Longer range plans and deals will follow after they get everything settled for 2011.
  • How many conversations has he had with RichRod? “Spending a lot of time together.”  Met with him today.   “Have a great relationship and we talk a lot.”
  • What does he talk about with RR?  What is the tone? “It’s not about Xs and Os.”  He’s a terrific coach, etc.  “I know what my place is"  Brandon said RR is getting a clear understanding of his expectations and what he’s measuring.  Like with employee with any new boss…
  • Magic number of wins and losses for RichRod?  “No.  I think that’s silly.”
  • Asked again, same question.  “No.”
  • Renovations – “Mean a ton to Michigan athletics.”   Revenue streams will fund the construction and the other athletic programs.  Leaders and best in facilities, support, coaching, etc.  Also, stadium renovation “benefits everyone..”  “from the time they enter the stadium to the time they leave.”
  • What’s the best thing about the renovation to Dave? “It’s going to be louder.”  It used to be louder on Main Street than on the 50-yard line.  Competitive advantage.
  • Basketball facility plans. “It’s the highest priority right now.”   New this, new that, new this.  Emphasized the affect this will have on recruiting and recruiting visits.  Both men and women’s programs “need to step it up.”
  • Goodbyes.  “Take care and Go Blue.”


  1. no WVU questions?!?!?