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While we’re on oldies but goodies, how about this gem from haiku contest winner Hacker from back in August 2008:

imageAnd as usual you can there are a few auctions of the evidence Buckeye gold pants – these beauties from the 2009 game:

       goldpants1                     goldpants2
     Current price: $501.00 (12 bids)                                Current price: $995.00 (no bids)


  1. I heard on ESPN that he had issues at Youngstown State with a QB on the take.

  2. What do you notice is MISSING from the emails above? Any request from the tipster that Tressel keep it confidential. That didn’t appear for another two weeks in a different email. Tressel’s “I was just trying to protect the integrity of the investigation” defense is a bald-faced lie. If he was told to keep it confidential in some other form, then he should submit that evidence.

  3. @Bret
    Actually, if you look at the WTVN link, you’ll see that the tipster does request confidentiality in his email dated april 16.

  4. @gobluetwo
    Oops, misread your email and saw that you also noted the time discrepancy. My bad. And you’re absolutely right that he should have escalated as soon as he saw the initial email.

  5. How about this zinger at the end of Schlabach’s column:

    “For the record, Michigan’s football team hasn’t beaten Ohio State in 2,663 days.

    But the Wolverines won on Tuesday.

    At least they had fired their cheating coach.”

  6. There’s actually at least three seperate emails sent to him, as well as Tressell’s replies.

    For me, it’s all about character and consequences. Sure he should have said something back then, when he was aware, but why is Tressel held responsible for someone else’s actions. Is everyone in a position of authority responsible for everyone underneath them? Reporting the act, sure, he should have, but having control of his players…that’s probably a lost cause. Crime and athletics go hand in hand now. I get it, I do, but I also know that the behavior of these “student-athletes” is beyond anyone’s control. Especially a coaches. Sure he has some influence, but their day to day decisions aren’t police-able.

    Not reporting it early. That was Tressel’s mistake, but……by and large, I’m tired of people that are indirectly involved with it, being held responsible. This is a group of adults (not kids), that are continuing to break laws, and then passing the buck to someone else. I like how Pryor brought up God in his Twitter. That’s a shocker. When all else fails, and you are looking at punishment, just look to Jesus or God. Easy when He doesn’t reply.

    If that dominoe affect of blame is in affect now, do we blame their AD? How about this Gee character? How about the NCAA? Maybe even the President of the United States…he seems to enjoy weighing in on sports related moral cases?

  7. Tressel caught red-handed. He is a weasel. OSU should be severely penalized. Too bad for Big Ten.