1. Cross Village

    A bit premature and a little smug?

    In all humility, the Jos A Bank blue sweater might have the following embroidery:

    0 for the Decade

    We need to win on the field before we start acting like Domers.

  2. @Cross Village
    Huh? We need to win before pointing out that Tressel lied? Premature how? Smug how? What decade is Michigan “0 for”? Huh?

  3. Steven Londeau

    How about this decade dippy? How about the fact that it’s been 2690 days since M last beat Ohio State? Win on the field, then you can have fun at their coach’s expense.

  4. I was unaware that you fellas still had a football program. At least Tressel doesn’t go biblical, quote Josh Groban, and cry at his pressers

  5. Tressel doesn’t go biblical because he lies. Not sure if you know or not but there a commandment against those. And please stop ripping RichRod he’s not the coach. The senator is a conveinent nickname for him – lies. Maybe he should run for govenor of Ohio he’d probably win

  6. Oh I get it…. it’s a play on words. Lame.