Thanks to Buddy at Stunt3 for forwarding this over.  Check out this clip from The Munsters featuring Wisconsin and Michigan star Elroy ‘Crazy Legs’ Hirsch.  

Buddy added, “Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe he’s the only former Wolverine ever to appear on that show.”  LOL.  Yes, although Al “Grandpa” Lewis was an usher at Ferry Field.  Who knew?

The clip brings up so many questions, but how did Hirsch know the ball that hit him came from, specifically, a punt?  Why couldn’t it have been an errant toss from the parking lot?  

Somehow Hirsch’s acting career didn’t pan out.  Yeessh.

Speaking of Hirsch, the traitor former star is one of the athletic directors to go against Michigan in the 1973 Rose Bowl vote..and perhaps that hit on the noggin from Herman’s prolifically punted pigskin damaged his medulla oblongata:

* Don Canham (Michigan)
* Bump Elliott (Iowa)
* Bill Orwig (Indiana – former Michigan hoops and football player and assistant coach).
* Paul Giel (Minnesota – said he voted for Michigan).

* Ed Weaver (Ohio)
* Cecil Coleman (Illinois)
* Tippy Dye (Northwestern)
* George King (Purdue)
* Elroy Hirsch (Wisconsin – played for Michigan via the V12 program from 1943-44)
* Burt Smith (Michigan State – U-M graduate)

Thanks to Buddy for sending it over.   I wonder what the Stunt3 guys are up to next?

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