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I was back on Spartan Nation radio with host Hondo Carpenter this week talking Hardcore Pawn, Michigan Hoops, NCAA tourney expectations for the Wolverines and the Big Ten, and whether I’d be rooting for the Buckeyes in the tournament*.   Dig it:




* No.

The interview starts off a bit slow but Rome gets into the LeBron questions and Izzo’s future near the end.  Izzo normally has a raspy voice but he definitely sounded worn down – no wonder.     Of note:

  • It might be a Dumb-and-Dumberesque chance, but when asked, Izzo did leave the door cracked for another look at the NBA.
  • Izzo dropped a U.P. reference in there, which has got to leave JR scratching his head, no?
  • Izzo revealed a big driver to his looks at the NBA is to challenge the notion that college coaches can’t make it in the NBA.  His pulse picked up a bit during that discussion.
  • Rome didn’t go into the media/coverage subplot here and I was a little surprised he missed that.  In 11 minutes he had room to hit that and usually JR is very in tune with what’s being discussed locally.  I was hopeful Izzo would make mention of, “Those nerds on The Red Cedar.”  No go.



Just posted on YouTube, a quick interview with Ohio State center B.J. Mullens this week on the upcoming Michigan game.

Interviewer: Let’s be honest, give me your thoughts on the University of Michigan.
Mullens: They suck. I mean come on. We’re going to go up there and beat them pretty bad. That’s a rival and that’s how it’s going to be.
Interviewer: Do you give a damn for that whole state?
Mullens: No. Not at all.

So that’s fine, I don’t have an issue with a Buckeye trashing Michigan or vice versa, even dropping a “sucks” here and there. But the final question inadvertently produces a great moment in the history of this rivalry:

Interviewer: In as many S.A.T vocabulary words as you can, your opinion of Michigan.
Mullens: Boo.

Isn’t that grounds for an NCAA investigation? A cow could have scored as well on that question. I love it because you know the interviewer is a Buckeye grad, yet he inadvertently delivers a perfect Stuttering John question.

Update 1/17: Good question from Biggie Munn, ‘what in the hell sport did this raj cat play that he did not lose to um in 4 years?‘. Midway through the interview Raj offers that he “went four years and never lost to Michigan”.

Best I can tell Raj was in the homecoming class and his bio reveals he’s a super huge Buckeye fan. Beyond that, I doubt Raj was raining down threes or delivering touchdown dances on old Mich during his time in Columbus.

As for BJM, I consulted some folks at the Princeton Review and they confirmed that the S.A.T would give zero points for that answer. Had the question been, “What do ghosts say?” or “Who’s your favorite golfer?” or, “Name a key character in To Kill a Mockingbird?” or even, “What’s a common urban term for one’s ladyfriend?”, BJ would have been offered some credit.