A few sights from Saturday pregame and postgame:

  So during pregame, the Spartan kickers ran over to the U-M (north) side of the field.  Gibby trotted over to keep an eye on things.


Dantonio took the field with a smirk as he was thoroughly abused by the tunnel taunters

You can’t get the half boar, half rat hat at Moe’s (yet)


Bell checking out the new fangled shiny helmets.  Not a fan but they did look better on TV (and even in this photo).  In person it looked like the shade of green was much lighter.



Many former football greats were on hand, including Mark Messner (above) who no doubt recalled his epic battles with Michigan State’s Tony Mandarich


 1 wards
Honoring Willis Ward on the 78th anniversary of the Georgia Tech game.  Props to John U. Bacon for first writing about the story, and Brian and Buddy at Stunt3 for the wonderful Black and Blue documentary.   Speaking of Brian – you can hear our live edition of This Week in Michigan Football History from Saturday right here


At this point Fowler figured it was time to GTFO


Lewan and Gholston smokem peace pipe after the game

e 2 mealer bunyan

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