A great interview with John Beilein on WTKA 1050AM this morning in the aftermath of the Duke game and of course the season.  He breaks down in detail a few situations in the final minutes of the game and of course talks to the future and how he thinks these guys will respond.  Enjoy:

As always – check out all of the WTKA podcasts here!

Last night I spent a few minutes on enemy airwaves discussing the sweep and more with Hondo Carpenter of Spartan Nation on SN Radio.

If you missed it, here’s the audio:


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You been there I’m sure.  You’re out of the country, or out of TV coverage or for whatever reason, you can’t catch of feed or regular updates from an important game.   You feel helpless & the bits of data you find are precious.

I could be found refreshing the final couple minutes of the Iowa game on ScoreMobile, trying to piece together what was going on.  The stretch in the final seconds of reg to tie the game (that I later learned was Jordan Morgan at the line sinking free throws) took 14 refreshes and lasted a span of around five anxious Caribbean minutes. 

With three games to go it’s hard to believe this young group is actually in the discussion for tournament bid.  Pete, I may need my account at freshened up.

The Michigan State game is always going to be huge for so many reasons but first it’s a huge one with the Badgers.   There’s plenty on the line but what gets you extra pumped up for Wisconsin on Wednesday?  Bielema and Ryan are easy to hate, but beyond that—what’s your beef with the Badgers and their fans?

  • They get too pickled at games?  Maybe so, but it’s a loveable kind of drunk, like the charming Alison a.ka. “Puke and Rally Aly” who I saw on Wipeout last week. 
  • Their football team has been the more-than-occasional fraud?  Sure, I’ll get behind that one after they remove the football they jammed down our throats last fall.
  • Revenge for 1981?  Rafiki
  • Revenge for Crazy Legs Hirsch voting against Michigan in 1973?  Rafiki. 
  • You hate Jump Around?  No you don’t.

So find something to get you pumped or to get them mad or both.  Here’s a shot–but I’m not sure if Wisconsin fans would take this as a jab or as a compliment, haaha:

Wurst State Ever 
Made with actual bratwurst casings

Or better yet, pick up something at Moe’s or UGP that gets you fired up.  Beat Wisconsin!

#HALOL blimp
If you don’t know what this means, you don’t know @bacari34 – HALOL!

Blanket coverage of the game with sound, video and analysis by Dylan and Joe (damn, Joe’s voice kinda of sounds like mine) over at UMHoops where Beilein talks about moving the fence.  Check out as well.

So what were you doing/saying/feeling as this shot went up?


Me: I let out a “COME. ON.”   But it wasn’t a jubilant “Come On!” and it certainly wasn’t a “Come On” that you give when the punt returner fumbles or someone takes a bad shot.   It was more like “COMEON.” like you are trying to lift a heavy weight (like a gorilla off your back) or open a brutally tight lid on a jar.  Or open a heavy jar with a tight lid.  Whatever.

P.S. Lucas was unbelievable.  I was in Breslin back in the day when Steve Smith absolutely KILLED Michigan and Kalin’s second half run reminded me of that performance.

Dang this win is sweet and Disco Stu’s shot was absolutely perfect.   Props to Novak, Stu and the whole crew for a unexpected great night.

Just posted on YouTube, a quick interview with Ohio State center B.J. Mullens this week on the upcoming Michigan game.

Interviewer: Let’s be honest, give me your thoughts on the University of Michigan.
Mullens: They suck. I mean come on. We’re going to go up there and beat them pretty bad. That’s a rival and that’s how it’s going to be.
Interviewer: Do you give a damn for that whole state?
Mullens: No. Not at all.

So that’s fine, I don’t have an issue with a Buckeye trashing Michigan or vice versa, even dropping a “sucks” here and there. But the final question inadvertently produces a great moment in the history of this rivalry:

Interviewer: In as many S.A.T vocabulary words as you can, your opinion of Michigan.
Mullens: Boo.

Isn’t that grounds for an NCAA investigation? A cow could have scored as well on that question. I love it because you know the interviewer is a Buckeye grad, yet he inadvertently delivers a perfect Stuttering John question.

Update 1/17: Good question from Biggie Munn, ‘what in the hell sport did this raj cat play that he did not lose to um in 4 years?‘. Midway through the interview Raj offers that he “went four years and never lost to Michigan”.

Best I can tell Raj was in the homecoming class and his bio reveals he’s a super huge Buckeye fan. Beyond that, I doubt Raj was raining down threes or delivering touchdown dances on old Mich during his time in Columbus.

As for BJM, I consulted some folks at the Princeton Review and they confirmed that the S.A.T would give zero points for that answer. Had the question been, “What do ghosts say?” or “Who’s your favorite golfer?” or, “Name a key character in To Kill a Mockingbird?” or even, “What’s a common urban term for one’s ladyfriend?”, BJ would have been offered some credit.

Come on Rumeal! The star guard on Steve Fisher’s 1989 NCAA champions basically confirms that guys on the team were paid, from Mark Snyder’s post (with a surprisingly tame headline!):

“You got nine pros and none of them left school early? If you’re taking care of players the right way, you understand the process to make it work. Otherwise, a player’s got to go out and look for help, it’s going to happen” like with the Martin scandal.

OK – so he doesn’t specifically say what that means but [cough, clear throat] maybe by “taking care of players the right way” he means furnishing them with Cottage Inn vouchers. Later:

“Coaches have a lot of pressure to recruit the best players, and they have to turn to alumni for help. Alumni can’t help their school? I guess you’ve got to draw the line somewhere.”

Robinson said he thinks they should call his team, with nine players that went to the pros, the Fab Nine.

Some caller into WTKA this morning said it was a like a guy at an anniversary celebration toasting his wife on their long marriage, but adding that he cheated on her in the first five years. Dude. It’ll be interesting this weekend when they honor the team at Crisler. More interesting will be Rumeal spinning down his comments which I expect soon.

Add this to a list of other great Michigan achievements or legends that have been fractured, not even including any feelings you have about Rich Rodriguez, the severed bowl streak, the athademics scandal/Jim Harbaugh‘s comments:

1. Winged helmet. Yes, you knew that one already. From the Bentley Library:

In fact, Crisler had introduced a helmet at Princeton in 1935 that should look remarkably familiar to Wolverine fans. The winged design simply took advantage of features of a helmet the Spalding sporting goods company and advertised in the 1937 edition the Official Intercollegiate Football Guide. Crisler’s 1938 innovation at Michigan was to paint the helmet maize and blue.

2. ‘The Fab Five. I think this has been sufficiently covered in the past, banners taken down, wins and statistics removed from the books. A sad side effect of this, depending on how big it gets, is that I wonder if this will push out a Fab Five reunion that seems to have gained some footing especially after the Jalen Rose Day.

3. ‘The Victors’. Yikes, from earlier this year, a revelation to me that still stings. The great Louis Elbel was clearly inspired by ‘The Spirit of Liberty‘, a tune by a gent named George Rosey. Warning: Don’t click this if you’re near a Ming vase:

4. Those Who Stay Will Be Champions. Certainly we thought that our great departed general Bo Schembechler crafted those legendary words in the face a mass defections on his first Michigan team. From HBO’s The Rivarly:

As posted earlier this year on mgoblog, from Bear Bryant’s book published in 1960, chapter 12:

5. Sam McGuffie. :( mix tape

Empty Crisler Arena
This is midway through the first half – this is real

Made it up to the game last night and it wasn’t as close as the 78-64 final score.

– It’s a little frustrating to sit and watch. The offense pretty much looks for an open three and then clanks it off the rim. The good news? It seemed like they were getting good looks at the rim before then tossing the brick.
– The highlight of the game was DeShawn Sims’ three-quarter court heave to end the half. The place erupted and that was nice to see.
– Newsflash: Eric Gordon is amazing. Michigan kept it relatively close near half because Gordon was on the bench with three fouls.
– A few local AA-list celebrities at the game including:
* Coach Carr with wife Laurie at mid-court. He got a huge cheer when they showed him on the screen.
* Coach Rod with a few new staffers (see pic). Both coaches spent some time with Florida grad and supreme hotness Erin Andrews.
* Joe Dumars courtside checking out the talent.
* Sam Webb of WTKA.

– As far as the arena, it was at best 40% full with large portions of the Maize section empty. Four of us walked up to Crisler without tickets. A few different fans handed us free tickets within minutes.

– Carty reacts to the Jay Bilas comments. He inserted the entire Bilas comment on Beilein in the post then reacts. Check it out.
– publishes Coach Rod’s entire new staff. Glad to see he retained equipment manager Jon Falk, keeper of the Little Brown Jug.
– MLive published the audio of Rich Rodriquez’s interview with Jim Rome from yesterday. I’ve got it here:

Update Postgame:

Eric Gordon: Money!

And in case the Indiana blow-out wasn’t out of your mind yet, the IU Blog Inside the Hall runs a little film session on Eric Gordon demonstrating the super frosh’s ridiculous range. The set? You bet: Crisler arena.