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harmon-2_200 Did you know it was 75 years ago Saturday that it was announced Tom Harmon had won the Heisman Trophy?  Indeed, back then they voted, announced the winner and held a ceremony to honor the recipient at a later date.   So Saturday’s edition of #TWIMFbH talks a little about Old 98 and his finer moments on the gridiron (and off):

Yes, in the radio clip I said Harmon “gave birth”.  Ira busted my chops after that and wouldn’t let me edit it (to say “sired” or “fathered” which is probably a little more accurate, although I wouldn’t be against Harmon in life).

Readers know the 1940 Cal game is one of my favorites; especially the drunk fan incident.  More here and my tribute:



You can listen to all 6 years of This Week In Michigan Football History here.  And don’t forget to catch the whole KeyBank Countdown to Kickoff on WTKA 1050AM starting at 8am tomorrow, and of course live in the Bud Light Victors Lounge across from the Stadium on Main Street.   See you out there.

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Michigan Purdue

For tomorrow’s evening affair, a trip back to 1930, a season that started with a double-header(!) in front of only 13,000 fans but was notable nonetheless.  In that year coach Harry Kipke got things working and started a string of 4 consecutive conference crowns.   October 11, 1930 was week 3 when his Wolverines faced defending league champ Purdue.  This game also marked the debut start of would-be superstar quarterback Harry Newman.  Check it out:

You can catch all of the This Week in Michigan Football History clips here…And don’t forget to catch it live Saturday on the KeyBank Countdown to kick-off on WTKA 1050AM or inside the Bud Light Victors Lounge starting at 3pm.


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Feels so good to be back home again.  This Week in Michigan Football History returns to Ann Arbor and the Bud Light Victors Lounge at 1050AM WTKA on Saturday and here’s your bonus sneak listen.

Michigan-Michigan Ticket Stub 1984 - via ticketmuseum.comMiami FL comes to town (via Ticketmuseum.com)

This time we take a trip back at the 1984 opener played on September 8 of that season, as Team 105 took on the #1 ranked and defending national champion Miami Hurricanes.   Jimmy Johnson’s ‘Canes actually had already played two games that season which must have drove Bo nuts.   When he found out I’m guessing some furniture was moved around.


How about some double bonus #TWIMFbH content?   A player who prefers to remain anonymous shared this about that game and in particular, the scene doing pregame warm-ups.  Awesome:

“I can tell you one thing that I do recall from that game that really stuck out for me was the pre-game.  As you may imagine the pre-game ritual for Bo was rather intense.  We would come out in full gear and begin our warm ups with our individual position coaches.  You know the usual running, stretching, form up hitting.  Then we would move to the full team warm up where Bo would have us line up and hit, at full speed, against the first and second team defense.  It was like full line at practice.  I am surprised no one got severely injured.”

“Everyone was all hyped up for the game and we would just crush each other.  It was brutal but that is all we knew.  It was almost like Bo wanted to simulate the game condition just before the actual game began.  And I can tell you going up against Michigan first team defense in that warm up was as tough or tougher than any game we played.”

“I looked over to the other side of the field, this was early in the warm ups, and the Miami guys were in t-shirts listening to their Walkmans (remember those?).  Some of the offensive linemen were tossing passes to their teammates down field.  Some of the Miami players were laying down on the brick wall that circles the field listening to their music through their head phones.  If you recall that wall was about waist high back then.  It was the most casual thing I had ever seen.  Now as the warm up continued they got into their gear but it was never an intense warm up it was just running plays at ¾ speed.  A world of difference.”

You can catch all of the This Week in Michigan Football History clips here.

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