Just in time for Minnesota week, I’m happy to welcome the latest member of The Little Brown Jug Club—Mr. T.C. Thorton.   He joins these fine gents in the Brotherhood of Jugsmen, Local 1903:

Check out Thorton’s handiwork:


Here’s a few words T.C. shared on this life changing experience:

Didn’t take long at all, and once you get started, you really look forward to working on it.  I had trouble finding an original Red Wing jug that wasn’t the $600+ that antique collectors were asking for it. I ended up have my uncle who is an artist, make a replica out of clay. I ended up speaking to an old high school friend who works with Mark Foster, one of the original jug makers from your site. After emailing him and getting some pointers, I went to town on it.

Took me awhile to decide on the perfect colors, probably dwelled on it longer than I should. Biggest trouble came with the Minnesota M. Their M is shorter and more spread out than our Block M. I quickly realized that enlarging it to the same size as the Michigan M, caused the Minnesota M’s legs/feet to stretch into my score columns. Ended up making the Minnesota M myself and as true to the original as possible. Looking forward to displaying it in my Michigan Man Cave, as well as the upcoming game watching parties we’re having at the house.

A great project I encourage anyone to undertake, and most of all – FUN!

Well done sir!  Now watch the women swoon.

Tip:  Want to do your own?  Read the experience of the other guys listed above for tips.

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