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Goal !

Right there! via Yost Built (via mgoblog)

Strange days.  Beilein bested Izzo, the Vest is up Crap Creek sans paddle & we didn’t get screwed in the hockey playoffs.  

As the minutes turned to hours on the replay review, I was thinking the refs knew the puck probably crossed the line but couldn’t make a definitive call.  I was at Fort Fun last year.   Good on them for growing a collective pair, talking it out and making the right call.  HAGOAL, Go Blue.

If you ask any fanbase I’m guessing they’ll tell you their team is screwed by the refs more often than not.  Wolverine fans have a little list of the most egregious in our heads and this is always at the top (another hat tip to my pal Steve Sap for passing it along):


This is of course a wire photo of Charles White’s phantom touchdown against the Wolverines in the 1979 Rose Bowl.  The back official is calling Michigan first down while numbnuts is signaling a USC touchdown.  The LA Times described how that ref discussion played went:

Referee Paul Kamanski cast the tiebreaking vote, saying that the line judge, Gilbert Marchman, was in charge of forward progress of the ball. Since the line judge was emphatic that the ball had broken the plane of the goal line, Kamanski concluded that White had scored.

You can buy the photo, presumably to destroy it in a special ceremony, it’s just $4.99.