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Via a piece on local tipping at area restaurants in AnnArbor.com, something good resulted the “unfortunate defeat” of Sucks Unlimited in 2007:

“When Oregon football fans were here, another bartender and I waited on a group the whole weekend. They were over-tipping everyone ridiculously—buying a beer for $5, paying with a $50 bill and telling me to keep the change. The Friday before the game, one gentleman in particular wanted to buy us out of Jagermeister (which isn’t possible, I assure you). He bought 100 shots to pass out, which cost him roughly $500, then tipped $200 and gave me another $500 to let him stand on the bar while he passed them out. We split that $500 among our door staff and kitchen staff.

“The next day, after the Wolverines’ unfortunate defeat, the same Oregon fans spent most of the rest of their evening at our bar. The same man from the night before ran up a rather large bar tab with me and tipped $1,000. That hasn’t happened to me since, but I don’t expect it to. If Oregon ever plays Michigan again though, no matter where I am, I will come out of retirement to wait on them.”

Not to discredit the general generousness of the Duck faithful, but I’m guessing there were special circumstances in play.  Methinks the ringleader of the generous group was none other than Nike billionaire Phil Knight, who was indeed spotted around town (at Dominick’s at one point) before the game, and upstairs during the game:

Phil Knight Michigan Stadium 2007

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