A smattering from pregame.  More later.

1 Harmon Hoke DawberMark Harmon and wife Pam Dawber chat it up with Laura Hoke


1 Mr HandDa’Man.  That’s Da’Shawn Hand.    His world. 


1 Mark Address  Mark got a tad choked up addressing the crowd

IMG_2577Devin Gardner wearing this tonight.   Uniform Timeline updated.


1 Pam Dawber Michigan ‘M’indy


IMG_7280 Blimp reads ‘Tom Harmon’s a PIMP’


Photo Sep 07, 7 47 22 PM Jets over Saline, a few minutes before they headed into Ann Arbor


Photo Sep 07, 8 24 40 PM (1) Guys named Steve everywhere love it

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A few from the field in the fourth quarter and the aftermath:

1 - EverittEveritt Rules


1 - knee

So here’s Fitz’s not-a-touchdown.  When I saw it live I thought his knee was down.  Watching the replay, I can’t believe they felt they had enough to overturn it but whatever.


1 - Denard bombDenard’s postgame football grenade put everyone on the turf right after the final whistle.


16 banged upNothing’s easy.  Denard was dinged up a bit in the student section before ‘The Victors’ and had to find some space


1 - 68Seemed like Mike Martin didn’t want to leave the field


1 - students



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    Ohio Postgame Presser Transcript: Brady Hoke
    Denard is the story again (Freep)
    Senior leadership, Brady Hoke’s direction bring U-M new dawn
    Victory Formation
    Michigan’s senior class needed streak-ending win over Ohio State


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    Because the media huddles inside the museum inside Schembechler Hall (officially the Margaret Dow Towsley Sports Museum), I’ve been able to check out the displays quite a few times.  I was never clear on whether it was open to the public.  As far as I understand it, it was open many years ago, then closed for spell for whatever reason.

    I can tell you it is absolutely open to the public now.   Sorry this is a tad late for those coming in for Homecoming but put it on the agenda for next time you are in town.  The hours are Monday-Thursday 9-12 and 1-4, and Friday 9-1.  It’s worth a look and if you haven’t been there in a while they’ve added some new displays.

    Reader Corey recently visited and took some great shots, you can view them all here.  A few favorities:






    Again, you can see all of them here.

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    What?  You didn’t think I’d have a few photos of the jug for goodness sake?  

    Little Brown Jug pics of all varieties:

    1 - Captains
    For a tough guy, Molk has a championship caliber “aw shucks” smile

    1 - Falk opens 
    Jon Falk readies the case to unleash the trophy


    1 - Falk hands them 
    Jon Falk does the honors, as he’s done since 1974

    1 - Brady Jug
    Hoke after the game “Jug security is always at a premium”

    1 - Denard Denard gets in the action

    01 - Students 

    Video, near the student section:

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    Check out this shot of President Ford at a Portland, Oregon charity event from the eBay auction this week:

    president_ford_hikeIt was a fundraiser held at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, and Ford donated the autographed ball and even hiked it to the winner, Mr. Ambrose Cronin, who forked over $2,700 for the righteous pigskin.

    The former Michigan center is no stranger to snapping the ball of course, as he performed the duty for Harry Kipke’s crew in the early 1930s and was MVP of the 1934 team.  This isn’t even the only shot of Ford in action right now on eBay, but naturally the majority feature the future Prez during his playing days.  This one is signed and the seller wants you to pay royally for that:


    Here’s another, a reprint and not signed:


    These aren’t even the only shots out there of the Ford on all fours.   Here’s a wire photo of the president taking one of his famous spills, lampooned again & again by Chevy Chase on SNL:

    Ford’s finer moments came off-the-field of course, and don’t forget the forthcoming documentary about Ford’s role in the Willis Ward controversy of 1934.  Refresher course here on the protests on campus and the aftermath here, and check out the film trailer here:


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    I had a chance to hop on the field before the game.  First off, it’s just a perfect day here – can’t say more.  The EverBank Field gridiron appears to be in excellent shape – a couple gashes visible here and there but only up close. 

    While I’m not natural grass expert I can safely say the grass is cut very tight—specifically 9/16” per Nick, the head groundscrew guy in charge of it all:

    turf_grass_gator_bowl Naturally Nick is a Spartan, having graduated from MSU’s prolific turf grass school.  He’d much rather be in Orlando watching his Spartans battle Saban and crew, but he expects to be peppered with texts throughout the game for updates.

    Nick had the painful task, for a Spartan that is, of making this happen in the North endzone (but he did a nice job):



    Michigan’s end zone is North, the and the Wolverine players will be on the East sideline.  Here’s a view looking South:


    Go Blue.   And if you’re not on the Twitter, get on the Twitter, I already tweeted out photos an hour ago!

    It was quite a day in the Big House yesterday and Michigan smoked the Spartans 5-0 in front of 113,000 plus.  A few notes:

    001 - Sam Ira
    Sam and Ira firing up the Victors Lounge before the game.  Ira taught fans the traditional Yost chants all week but the classic “UGLY PARENTS” was left in the chamber in the shut-out.

     002 - BannerAn example of the nice touches they included – the hockey team going under the Go Blue banner before the game

    002 - Mike HartMike Hart was in attendance.  I asked him if he smoked peace pipe with Jim Harbaugh.  Hart told me he’d support whomever is Michigan’s coach, including Harbaugh, but reminded me that Rich Rodriguez is our coach.

     004 - Lineup
    Teams assembling for  the national anthem.  My weak lens doesn’t illustrate the view from the 6th level of the press box.   Surprising to me, you could actually following the puck very well up there.   Unfortunately I couldn’t see the stealth bomber fly over from the photo deck but it got rave reviews from folks in the stadium.

    006 - F OSUFunny – I didn’t see this on the rack at Moe’s

    005 - Crowd Almost 5 minutes into the game I left the photo deck and headed to my east side seats.  The West lower concourse was a mess – huge lines.  There was no wait to get in on the east side.  As far as the attendance, I guess who cares, but were there really more people there than at the UConn or MSU football games earlier this year?  

     006 - L It wasn’t that cold out.   Ask this guy.

    006 - Lights The lights seemed to work great.  You got a taste of how things will be next September for the night game.

    * AnnArbor.com’s coverage of the event, great photos

    A few from pregame down on the field. 

    002 - Slippery Rock
    The crew from Slippery Rock – they got a huge welcome from the crowd:


    003 - Wooo

    I don’t have any audio but trust me, it sounded like exactly like this: “Wooooooooooo!”   Ladies Field Hockey champions, the “Woo” girls


    011 - Alex Wood 
    The other champs—here’s Men’s soccer team captain Alex Wood with their new hardware:


    005 - T Wolf
    Troy Woolfolk looking well; walking around


    006 - Ball!Ball!  Ball!  Ball!


    006 - Brandon StudentsThis is your AD Dave Brandon, chatting with a few students about the new lights and the test he did this week.

    009 - Leap2

    Always a great performance by the drum major – here with the leap.