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A final edition of Sap’s decals for this brutal season, once again I supplied the editor’s pick and the fan award.   I’ll do a final tally of the decals later this week.  


JEREMY GALLON – Nine catches for 89 yards and a nifty two-point conversion pass – all in a night’s work for the school’s #1 receiver. Other than a win, it was a nice way to go out for #10, I mean, #21.




MATT WILE – While I wanted to see two touchdowns instead of two field goals in the first half, it was nice to see there was no drop-off in the kicking department without Gibby being there. Looks like Wile can more than handle the job next year.


TAYLOR LEWAN – Offensive lineman typically don’t flash their 40 times, but I gotta tell ya, it was impressive to see how fast(?) Lewan tracked down the K-State defender on UM’s only interception of the game. His (5.3??) speed may have been fueled by anger, but nonetheless, #77 never gave up on the play or this team.


SHANE MORRIS – If you offered me that performance before the game, I’d take it in a second.  I wasn’t sure about this cat heading into the season let alone this game, but he proved me wrong.  The new #7 lefty has a bright future in Ann Arbor – look forward to seeing what he can do.


B1G, adidas, UM Legends, BWWB Patch 

gallon timeline 

I get it, but the jerseys are starting to creep ever so closely to looking like a NASCAR Monte Carlo. I got nothing against NASCAR or the Monte, but can we stop with all the “stuff” on the jerseys??


WINGED SKULL MAN – That’s commitment, people:


A big thanks to Sap – the “dekes” as we call it – is one of my favorite features.


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Sap is back with one caveat:  “After a game like that, there are no Champions – only three Hustlers and one Uniform CHUMP.”


DEVIN FUNCHESS – Dude was doing his best to give Michigan a spark through the air – tough at times to do when your QB is lying on his back, or not getting the ball out early enough.


JAKE RYAN – He’s still not 100% back physically, but he is emotionally and energetically. The D did get a turnover, but in this game they needed to score points – too much to ask for Saturday.


MATT WILE – Not a good sign when your punter has to kick the ball 25 times (ok, it was only 8 times, but it sure felt like 25). His 49-yard field goal gave Michigan their only lead of the day – WOO HOO!


GOLD FLAKES – Maybe it was my foul mood caused by the score, but I didn’t like the way the yellow color looked on the U-M helmets in East Lansing. In low lighting or in Saturday’s case, the absence of sunshine, the gold flakes in the Michigan helmets gave off a decidedly dark yellow look – certainly not the bright yellow color they have given off on bright, sunny Saturdays in Ann Arbor.

It’s obvious isn’t it? Michigan needs another set of helmets! One set to wear on bright sunny days and another set to wear in low light or night games. I mean, if Michigan is going to compete with the Oregon’s and Arizona States of the college football world, they gotta keep up! More helmets! Just no chrome, please!


DEVIN GARDNER – He took a beating but kept getting up and kept fighting.  His 98 jersey took a beating it hadn’t seen since 1940:



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image_thumb166[1] Guest post by Steve “Dr. Sap” Sapardanis

Last year, we kept track of the helmet stickers every game for each player deserving these awards based on not only individual, but team accomplishments.  After the Ohio State game, Denard Robinson led all players with 42 award decals.

Ever since then I wondered what would Denard’s helmet look like if it had decals on it?  With a little PhotoShop work, wonder no more.

Below are a couple of possibilities – one with all 42 decals on one side, and another with half, or 21 on one side.

Denard Robinson with Helmet Decals Denard Robinson with Rich Rodriguez

In order to fit 42 decals on one side of the helmet, the decal size would need to be reduced, but you get the idea.  That’s what happens when you are made of Dilithium!

Think there are a lot of decals on Denard’s helmet?

Mike Hammerstein in 1985 and Desmond Howard in 1991 were two former UM players that had a ton of decals on their helmets.  #66 sported 47 decals on his helmet in the 1986 Fiesta Bowl against Nebraska:

Mike Hammerstein helmet Mike Hammerstein Fiesta Bowl

#21 in the 1992 Rose Bowl and against OSU in 1991:

Desmond Howard helmet Desmond Howard helmet

To me, there was nothing like seeing Michigan and Ohio State clash at the end of the season. Having both teams’ helmets filled with decals just added to the spectacle.

So I ask you, wouldn’t you rather see the winged helmet decorated with decals at the end of the season, or would you rather see the same old wings and stripes with nothing on it?

Remember, THIS IS MICHIGAN, and the decals are a tradition that Bo started back when he was at Miami (Ohio) and brought to Michigan in 1969.


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