Steve Everitt and Bo Schembechler in 2003 (

Steve Everitt and Bo Schembechler in 2003 (

Awesome piece in on my man Steve Everitt including this pic of Bo’s visit to Key West to see the big man in 2003.  (HT: @moesportshops).   Slice:

Everitt heard Schembechler was coming down Key West way for the World Sailfish Championship Tournament.

“I asked if he wanted to come by the house figuring he’d say no,” Everitt said, laughing. “He said yes.”

Amy Everitt, Michigan Class of ’93, got the camera out and started snapping pictures. Steve felt a little sheepish so he kept telling her that was enough. But now, nine years after the legendary coach’s death, Everitt says, “I wish she would’ve taken 1,000 pictures.”

She stopped well short of that, but not before getting one of Schembechler in what Everitt describes as “my Michigan bathroom.”  Everitt remembers one pose in particular: Schembechler sitting on a closed toilet, playing Everitt’s “KISS” pinball machine, a metal-legged survivor of Hurricane Wilma.

Therein you’ll find several more reasons why EVERITT RULES.

Go Blue!


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More pregame photos here.   All the postgame Tom Harmon/98 related thoughts & takes here.  

Passionately attacking you with miscellanea since 2001, here’s more:

Students:  The earliest started queuing up around 10:30PM Friday evening as I understand it and they were let in around 4:30PM yesterday.  Here they are filing in (on the left), and..

Michigan students enter Big House Michigan Scoreboard

…props to the athletic department for dropping the 4 pack of live games (right, above) on the big boards for a while.

The Ross Toss:  Love for Stephen Ross and his wallet saturated Ann Arbor all day Saturday, from Desmond leading off with a huge thank you to Ross on GameDay, to the story and full page ad in the game program, to the special break during the game to acknowledge the man, to the massive sign the students propped up (some fans were literally under the C).   The even dedicated the coin toss to #$teve which makes one ask, if they used a quarter for the coin toss and handed it to Ross when they were done…is it now technically a $199,999,999.75 donation?

Cease and Desist.  Still waiting for the bros who blew up my photo for their GameDay sign to reveal themselves and face the music.  And by music I mean 7 Nation Army on a loop.

Lasers.  I haven’t seen lasers like that since the Rush concert up in Saginaw back in the early 80s.  A couple below:

Halftime Laser show Block M laser

Apologies for the kickstand on the left.   The stadium looked pretty cool once everyone not in the student section figured out how use the little blinking bracelets they passed out:

THANK YOU STEVE!   Is a big game truly over if Steve Everitt hasn’t photobombed the camera?   Glad to see Everitt got a new shirt from the mgo-photostore:

Steve Everitt 2013 Notre Dame Game

He dropped the Big House Football maize tee, that thing must have been getting damn ratty, for the Worst State Ever.  Good move. 

The Crazy UnclePretty much.  But at this point we kind of need him down there for these big games, right?   Two quick things about the big man: he’s arguably one of the greatest Michigan lineman, if not players, of all-time and as I understand it he’s a talented artist.   Next year we need to put on the full court press on #1000SSS to commission Everitt to paint something for a game program cover.

Return of the Pink Wolverine – You thought Tom Harmon’s #98 jersey was the only iconic piece of Michigan apparel to grace the sidelines Saturday night?   Not even close:

Pink Shorts Guy - 1991 The Catch Pink Shorts Guy - 2013

One the left, that’s pink shorts guy celebrating Desmond’s 1991 “The Catch” vs. Notre Dame in the northeast corner of the end zone.  On the right from Saturday pregame, same endzone same shorts guy reappeared.  No, they didn’t stop the game to recognize this moment but let’s just say there were a couple Legends honored on the field yesterday.

End zone cameras?  Kind of brutal for the folks seated behind this guy?

Michigan stadium endzone camera

Taylor Made:   Notre Dame guys putting on the Lewan arms during pregame:

Giant Blue Arms 

Press Box Visitors:   Before heading down to the locker room for halftime assistants Al Borges and Jeff Hecklinski (enjoying the cool drink) stopped in the press box to catch the final play of the half (the Hail Mary):

Al Borges, Jeff Hecklinski

“Need more brats outside Section 32… STAT!”  The Michigan Stadium EMS crew had a nice little pregame tailgate behind the gates.  Good for them:

Michigan Stadium EMS tailgate Good for them.  One medical tip: might want to slap a lid on that mayo and stow it, fellers.

Until next time:

Good Year blimp - Ann Arbor


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A few sights from Saturday pregame and postgame:

  So during pregame, the Spartan kickers ran over to the U-M (north) side of the field.  Gibby trotted over to keep an eye on things.


Dantonio took the field with a smirk as he was thoroughly abused by the tunnel taunters

You can’t get the half boar, half rat hat at Moe’s (yet)


Bell checking out the new fangled shiny helmets.  Not a fan but they did look better on TV (and even in this photo).  In person it looked like the shade of green was much lighter.



Many former football greats were on hand, including Mark Messner (above) who no doubt recalled his epic battles with Michigan State’s Tony Mandarich


 1 wards
Honoring Willis Ward on the 78th anniversary of the Georgia Tech game.  Props to John U. Bacon for first writing about the story, and Brian and Buddy at Stunt3 for the wonderful Black and Blue documentary.   Speaking of Brian – you can hear our live edition of This Week in Michigan Football History from Saturday right here


At this point Fowler figured it was time to GTFO


Lewan and Gholston smokem peace pipe after the game

e 2 mealer bunyan

Photos:  mgoblog
Photos: MBN
Photos: Michigan Daily

Photos: UMGoBlue pics


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  • 30. August 2012 · Comments Off on eBay Watch: Extending the Brand. Eliminating Stubborn Beards. (1940) · Categories: 2012 · Tags: , , , ,

    This beauty ended up in one of my filters for Michigan football memorabilia.   How about three cheers for 1940s-era product marketing that loosely suggests a direct affiliation with the University of Michigan football program?

    The Wolverine Blade

    Speaking of stubborn beards…these Wolverine gentleman are not interested:

    Michigan Beards!

    Neither is Horace Prettyman:

    Horace Prettyman


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    27. November 2011 · Comments Off on Beat Ohio Postgame (Photos) · Categories: 2011 · Tags: , , , , ,

    A few from the field in the fourth quarter and the aftermath:

    1 - EverittEveritt Rules


    1 - knee

    So here’s Fitz’s not-a-touchdown.  When I saw it live I thought his knee was down.  Watching the replay, I can’t believe they felt they had enough to overturn it but whatever.


    1 - Denard bombDenard’s postgame football grenade put everyone on the turf right after the final whistle.


    16 banged upNothing’s easy.  Denard was dinged up a bit in the student section before ‘The Victors’ and had to find some space


    1 - 68Seemed like Mike Martin didn’t want to leave the field


    1 - students



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    Denard is the story again (Freep)
    Senior leadership, Brady Hoke’s direction bring U-M new dawn
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    11. September 2011 · 4 comments · Categories: 2011 · Tags:

    Couldn’t help but watch the tape of the final quarter when I got home last night this morning.

    I’m not sure how I missed former Michigan center Steve Everitt on the field at the game, but there he was chilling behind Hoke during the postgame chat with Erin Andrews in his lucky shirt:

    everitt with hoke

    Contrast that with the big man’s mood at last year’s Wisconsin’s game.  Don’t disturb the angry bear:

    Not happy. 

    Here he is again from 2008, rocking the lucky shirt when he was honorary captain for the game:

    Update: Here’s my interview with Everitt right after the final whistle.  He seemed a bit confused:


    Everitt Rules!

    Much more:

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  • A quick edition of eBay Watch, looks like another Michigan championship ring up for auction, this time a 1990 Big Ten Championship Ring.  Here’s a look:


    A few notes:

    • Like most of these rings it’s 10K gold.
    • It appears as though the stone is maize colored, the first time I can recalled seeing that.
    • Reads "Big Ten Champions" around the stone.
    • One side reads "Count On Me" which I take to be the team slogan that season, along with the score 35-3 below an alligator.  That of course is a nod to the 1991 Gator Bowl when Gary Moeller’s men crushed Mississippi (Wolverine Historian YouTube).   That’s the game the entire Michigan offensive line (Dean Dingman, Tom Dohring, Greg Skrepenak, Matt Elliott, Steve Everitt) was named the MVPs of the game.  Steve Everitt told the Ole Miss guy across him, "YOU LIKE THAT, HUH??" a record 17 times that day.
    • The other side features the player/coach name, a depiction of the Big House and their position/role on the team.

    This one belonged to a coach named "Robinson".  There wasn’t a major position coach on the team with that surname but the team photo does reveal a David Robinson, fourth from the right in the seventh row, probably supporting S&C or another group:


    So…this probably was this man’s ring.  Having featured a bunch of rings on this site, I’ll insert the standard disclaimer here: don’t assume anything about how or why this ring ended up on eBay.  It could have been lost, stolen, given to a friend or relative, lost in a poker game (damn!) or maybe Robinson was creeped out by alligators.

    The seller is asking $1,999.00 (too much) for this beauty.  

    P.S.  A big hat tip to reader Dan O. for pointing this auction out to me.  If you ever see anything in an attic or on eBay you think is pretty unique, give me a virtual jingle.

    Other rings that have been up on eBay over the past couple years:

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