Omnipresent Detroit-area radio caller "Linda from Grand Blanc" called up and rattled up the phrase in the title of this post after a tough loss [edit: I found the audio!] .  It’s fitting this morning I suppose.  

Random postgame sights and sounds:

It wasn’t over until it was over, and this is the guy you hoped wouldn’t be taking the last snap of the game:


Media gets on the field the last few minutes of the game.  Packed in that final stretch was a lot of this


And some of this on the other side of the end zone, Mouton and Kovacs discussing what went wrong after UMass scored again:


Denard postgame.  His left leg was wrapped all day (including during the pregame), I didn’t hear why:


It was good to see these two guys play.  I heard Lewan manhandled his man when he played, will need to watch the tape:


More of the hockey team clowning.  Keep in mind this was completely unprovoked, I merely walked by and pointed the camera in their direction:



Oh my how sweet is Steve Threet ROCKING the 5-1-7 headband for Arizona?  I need to hear the accompanying rap that gives props to his peeps in Howell, Okemos, Adrian and Grand Ledge.  Best put in this tweet by Craig Barker, "Is Steven Threet the first human in recorded history to rep the 5-1-7 non-ironically?"   I spotted it loud and clear after the Wisconsin game, but here’s a shot from earlier this season (HT: B. Calloway)