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It came down to lack of depth.  We don’t have the depth to replace the key injuries and just didn’t have the talent on defense to hang with the big boys.   We were exposed.  But we’ll be back with more guys.  Harbaugh and crew have done a remarkable job this season with what we have.  At kickoff today of the final game of the regular season we were in the B1G and even playoff discussion.   Sights and sounds:

Honoring Legends:  Talking with those involved, sounds like #1000SSS did a great job taking care of the families of the Legends this morning and for the game.  Here’s the Oosterbaan crew including my man Ben McCready (47), godson of the great Bennie O.:

IMG_8232 Bennie and Fam

Again, the Legends program did a great thing by putting these great players in the forefront.  The other bonus was building new relationships with the current families and in certain cases, with the student athletes who got to wear the coveted jerseys.  McCready shared this note he received recently from Capt. Jake Ryan:

“Ben – I just wanted to write and tell you it was an honor to wear the #47 jersey at Michigan. I was excited when Coach Hoke asked me and I wanted to represent Bennie in the best way on and off the field. Thank you for such a wonderful opportunity and Go Blue! – Jake”

It was a delicate thing to do.  Of course Mark Harmon didn’t make it back so I’m not sure how the Harmons feel about the whole thing.  I’m good with the re-retirement and I’m looking forward to the ceremonies for Woodson (and of course Peppers).

Twenty One – Also a nice, brief acknowledgment of Desmond today.   I wonder if they are going to keep the flags outside the stadium?  I doubt it given they have set up permanent displays in one of the concourses:

Flags best

Traditions.  Michigan Marching Band tradition dictates that the drum major must toss his mace over the goal post and catch it.  If he does, Michigan wins.  If not, ugh:

Michigan mace fail

It’s happened before I know, including before the 2007 Appalachian State game THE HORROR (back then I referred to the mace incorrectly as a ‘baton‘) but was corrected later on.

Season Ticket Holders – During the 3rd quarter, they asked the season ticket holders to stand, then remain standing based on longevity (10 years, 25 years, etc.).  Nice touch (and nice marketing!). 26 here.

The King.  Came to see Peppers:

2015-11-28 10.53.45 Elvis

And Peppers was fun to watch:


#ChadTough – Beyond the retirement of #21 (and the re-retirements), there’s no other Michigan entry in the Uniform Timeline, but props to the folks in Columbus – very cool that the Buckeyes affixed these to their helmets today:

Chad Tough



Mood.  Back to 80:

mood data

Work! Work it Girl!  If you carried a camera into the media entrance, the officers asked you to take a photo to prove the camera wasn’t something evil.  So naturally I pointed the camera at the officer and asked her to give me her best:


Big Nice Nut – For those who didn’t watch on TV, Big Nut and his buddy were in the first row in the south end zone:


Dead serious:  I chatted up Mr. Nut and he was genuinely a nice dude.  Sorry.  Either way, damn you Stubhub!



For the tenth time in eleven years, Ohio State won The Game. The Buckeyes ran at will; Michigan couldn’t trust its run game enough to even use it without ample trickery. While Michigan’s 9-3 record and obvious team-wide improvement stand as a testament to the remarkable work of Jim Harbaugh, today’s game showed just how much ground the program must make up on their chief rival.


The Wolverine defense looked utterly confused and all around gassed during the game. There was no answer for the Buckeye’s zone read, and power runs.  Ohio State scored on six consecutive drives, aside from the end of the first half, which put the pressure on the Wolverines offense to make plays.

The Wolverine offense was able to march the football down the field, but had troubles finishing off drives in the redzone. Michigan settled for two field goals in the game while down in the redzone.

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I left Columbus with more questions.   Like many of you I’m puzzled why Denard wasn’t used in the second half especially down the stretch.   If he was hurt and out of commission he sure didn’t look it in the postgame and Hoke didn’t say as much in the postgame.  Brady Hoke - Postgame Ohio State 2012

While Hoke never really talks about injuries, it’s not like there’s some gamesmanship required here—the bowl game is five weeks away.   And let’s say he Denard Robinson - Postgame Ohio Statewas dinged up and couldn’t run the ball for some reason–toss him in the backfield as a decoy, no?   

Other than the lack of Denard down the stretch, the other frustration was how he was used in short yardage.   He showed no indication that he was ever going to pass it and really didn’t throw in warm-ups.    So if you aren’t going to have him throw it–at any point–then on short yardage put him in the backfield with Gardner and hand it or toss it to Denard, or fake it to #16 and have Gardner run it, or toss it to Gallon or ARGH. 
After the 2001 Michigan State Spartan Bob game Lloyd Carr summed up how Jordan Kovacs - Ohio State 2012he felt about his team, when he said, “They deserve better.”   

Kovacs was on the brink of tears in the postgame.  The defense made huge players to keep Michigan in this one but the offense couldn’t move the ball in the second half.   The opportunity for a historic  win was out there. 

They deserve better.

There were plenty of positives and memorable moments that sadly get tucked away in a loss:

– Denard’s TD run (aka Crunch (left) then Lunch)
– Roundtree’s TD with agent Dileo running security on the perimeter
– The huge hits on defense highlighted by Frank Clark’s sack
– Several big stops on defense in Michigan territory
– Hagerup’s excellent day punting and overall an outstanding game for special teams.

– This was an epic game all in all.  Hats off to the Buckeye defense and Miller and Hyde.  Looking forward to next year’s battle between these two QBs.

Roy Roundtree postgame Ohio State
And one positive moving forward.  Prediction:  I think we will see the Devin-Denard backfield unleashed in the bowl game and a big win and a conclusion to the season.   And then we’ll all be pissed off talking about what could have been :)


* Ohio Stadium.   Wow, what used to be a beautiful stadium is now the car Homer Simpson designed.   It’s an unorganized smattering of unsynchronized advertisements (FYI – Texas de Brazil is coming to Easton Town Center!), disjointed signs honoring form teams/players/coaches, and flashing lights featuring wild-eyed cartoon footballs saying OOOOOoooo:

Ohio State Scoreboard Oy Oy Oy Oy

* Atmosphere.   While the stadium aesthetically is a mess, despite the occupants, the atmosphere is gets high grades.  The pregame tension was wild.  It’s quite a place to witness a Michigan game for sure.  Yes, the south end zone reeked like Jagr and pot at the end of the game but that’s part of the culture, man.

* Top 3.   So Michigan has faced arguably the top 3 teams in the country.  I feel like we should have taken down the Irish and U-M squandered a great opportunity Saturday.   If you asked me to compare each team in the aftermath of each game, I’d rank them 1. Alabama, 2. Ohio State, 3. Notre Dame.   If you asked me to rank them today I’d probably flip Ohio and Notre Dame. 

* We’ll take it.  One set of the disjointed honorary signs are the Buckeye national championships… including Woody’s 1970 team that lost by ten to Stanford in the Rose Bowl:

1970 National Champions I discussed the history of claiming national titles, and whether Michigan should claim 1898, in This Week in Michigan Football history on Saturday’s pregame show.   Whether it’s done by drunken AP voters or some other group, expect OSU to claim some sort of national championship in 2012.

* Don’t Tempt me.   Ever see a kid teasing the lion outside his cage at the zoo?  Pat Omameh Frigid.  Including my coat, I had five layers on me and gloves and a hat.  I was still freezing during pregame.  This was nuts:

Brady Hoke shortsleeves Guessing they had to pry that watch off after the game.

* Formations.   The media was each provided a booklet that included detail of the Ohio State marching band’s formations of the day.   I’m certain I’m the only one who opened it.  Here’s the block M they formed, down to the position of each member of the band:

block M 

Here’s a look at the Script Ohio – the documented formation and the real deal from Saturday.

2012 Script Ohio

Here’s how it looked when the MMB taught the folks in Columbus how to do it back in 1932:

script ohio

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