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Darius Morris dialed up WDFN to chat with M basketball radio voice and WDFN morning show host Matt Shepard on Shep, Shave, and Shower on 1130AM this morning:

They hit on:

* How Darius came to accept the MSU rivalry being from LA. 
* On what other M athletes think about the MSU rivalry.
* Morris thinks the MSU win earlier this game was a huge turning point, “we learned how to win”.
* “You wouldn’t want it any other way” — that is, this game Saturday against State and all that’s on the line.
*  He caught some of the MSU/Iowa game at Pizza House last night.
*  He was asked about the impact of losing a teammate this late this the season (a la BYU).
*  Morris is only worried about Saturday right now (not the NCAA or B10 tournament).
*  Darius shared a bit about his friend Dan Tan
*  Says he never saw himself at a particular school (like UCLA or USC) – just wanted a solid D-1 school.
*  Best player he’s played against?  Kobe Bryant (at a camp).  
*  Best player he’s played with?  John Wall (on a travel team).

You can catch all of the WDFN podcasts here

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Jalen Rose joined Michigan hoops radio voice and WDFN morning show host Matt Shepard on Shep, Shave, and Shower on 1130AM this morning:

They talked quite a bit about the legacy and potential reinstatement of the Fab 5.  Jalen clearly thinks the F4 banners need to be restored and feels a jersey or two should be retired.  ESPN has an extensive documentary on the controversial quintet coming up on March 13 at 9am.  You can preview some of the clips here HT to Jeff Papworth.

One historical nitpick: Jalen says a key piece in restoring the Fab Five back to Michigan will be restoring their Final 4 banners.  He adds that the Fab 5 had were the team “that helped Michigan get to two of its three final appearances ever.”  

Of course Michigan was also in the 1965 and 1976 NCAA finals, losing to UCLA and undefeated Indiana respectively.

You can catch all of the WDFN podcasts here

’94 Michigan grads Randy and Jason Sklar guest-hosted Jim Rome’s radio show Friday and as they do, brought a little Michigan feel to the show.  In the second hour they were joined by Desmond:

They discussed the timing of the Ohio State-Michigan game, the BCS in general, Reggie Bush giving his Heisman Trophy back and NCAA violations, on the upcoming season, his sleeper team in the Big Ten (Wisconsin), and the outlook for Michigan and Rich Rodriquez (needs 8 or 9 wins, or seven with Ohio State), "no doubt in my mind they will score points."  Howard also joked about Bill Martin disappearing earlier than originally expected.

Love the outro music.

Word is out that in a couple weeks uber popular sports radio host Jim Rome will be making a rare visit to affiliate station 1130AM WDFN.   On March 19th, Rome will do his show from the WDFN studios in Farmington Hills then bolt over to Northville Downs to meet listeners, advertisers, a few celebs and media titans.

This won’t be Rome’s first visit to Motown.  I know he stopped in for Super XL and local fans might recall one of his (now defunct) ‘Tour Stops’, held at the Palace back in 2003:

imageRome working the crowd at The Palace in 2003

I dropped into the Tour Stop event with my wife (bad idea).  I’ll always remember when Ernie Harwell came out on stage, the interview and the rabid fan reaction, and all that….but I also recall that Rome spent a good portion of the show apologizing for dropping an f-bomb before Ernie came on and felt horrible after he realized the old legend probably heard it.

The March 19 event should make for an interesting afternoon given that the beer flows cheaply and in bucket-sized cups at the Downs & the first round of the NCAA tournament will be in full swing.   Toss in Rome along with a few thousand 25-45 year-olds lead by ‘Emilio Textavez’ and you can bet it’s going to get rowdy. 

Rome airs weekdays noon-3 on WDFN 1130AM and I understand the station will be giving away some opportunities to meet Rome at the Northville event.  More details to come.

What a shocker!  Thanks to BiggieMunn for the scoop – word is out that WDFN 1130AM, the leading voice for Detroit sports radio, cut most or all of its local talent including the prolific drive-time standby, the Stoney and Wojo Show.

Obviously I’m stunned.   The show, which features Mike “Stoney” Stone and Detroit News columnist Bob “Wojo” Wojnowski, had been the go-to show in Detroit since its debut in April 1995.   Wojo’s paper got the scoop and quotes from the hosts:

“It’s a really sad day because I loved working at that station,” Wojnowski said. “And I know a lot of Detroiters have loved listening to the station for the past 14-15 years. It’s just another sign of the times, a very sad sign.”

Said Stone: “I will miss it terribly. People tell me the show meant something to (them). That’s amazing. Hopefully, somebody will want to pick up ‘Stoney and Wojo.”

This site has (had?) a relationship with WDFN on its Michigan football page and I’ve swapped emails with WDFN program director Rona Danziger in the past.   I sent her an email tonight hoping for some reaction.

Included in the cuts was solid mid-morning man Sean Baligian (of ‘It is what it is‘) who apparently didn’t learn of the cuts until after this morning’s broadcast.  Said Baligian, “..we’ve all been hearing rumors for a while that something big was going to happen. I didn’t think it would be like this, but I’m not surprised. Radio is a tough business, and we know things can end quickly.”

Update:  If all the local staff is let go, that would include relatively new morning host and Michigan basketball radio play-by-play voice Matt Shepard, who’s wonderfully titled morning show ‘Shep, Shave and Shower‘.

So what happens from here?  It’s not clear. WDFN’s website says “We’re remodeling..”.