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Readers of this site know that one of the things I’m trying to do here (and elsewhere) is bring Michigan history forward so it’s something tangible and consumable by fans today, hopefully presented in a unique way.  Partnering a couple years ago with Shashi Mara and MaraWatch was such a natural fit for me because that’s really what Shashi has been doing with his line of M luxury watches err, timepieces [when they are that nice you call them timepieces].

Over at Zingerman’s Coffee House earlier this year Mara tipped me off that he was extending out his catalog to add new products.  Please welcome Biff and Bennie, new epic cufflinks as part of his collection:


Fine tuned M historians know that Biff and Bennie were the names of the living mascots that Yost brought to Ann Arbor in the 1920s, and the nasty duo were an attraction during the 1927 Michigan Stadium dedication against Ohio State.  

Check out more here, including the design process that pushes 3D printing technology to maize and blue glory.

Want?  Details from Shashi himself:
* Go to to see the sets
* Pricing ranges from $300 to $700
* Available for delivery before Dec 23rd
* Note: these were designed in collaboration with the M Den’s Victors Collection (their site is not live for ordering yet, but you can reserve them here.)

Writing Instruments (not mere pens!)
Another addition to the collection are these premium devices – available for delivery immediately, order directly via phone (734) 436-8138.   According to Shashi there are fewer than a dozen available in each style (silver/gold), with the classic Point-A-Minute era gridiron design:

MWC_pens1 MWC_Pens3

Well done Shashi, keep it coming.

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