A few words from me before quoting Tate.  This guy stood in here today and got hammered with questions about missing wings, expectations and being called out by Woolfolk.  He handled it all like a pro.  He was humble, apologetic, and most of all, kept getting back to do whatever’s best for the team.   Whatever happens from here give him credit for manning up and embracing this adversity.  He certainly won points with me today. 

Here’s Tate:

  • Does he feel like he’s been challenged?   "Yes..He told me he was going to.  And I think Coach Rod has done a great job at it and it’s only making me better.  I can’t be made at it."
  • What did he do to earn his helmet wings back?   "Something my dad always told me, action speak louder than words.  I just stayed quiet…and did all the work, and make sure everyone saw me doing the work…first one on the practice field and the last one off.  Whatever it took.  I got them back and I’m happy."
  • His answer to the skeptics, that this team won’t improve: "People can think what they want.  They don’t see what’s going on every day like all of us players do."
  • Did he think he didn’t have to work as hard (during the off-season)?  "I wouldn’t say that, I would just say I slacked off.   Like I said, that’s a part of the maturity and like I said, my freshman years is behind us."
  • On his shoulder?  "The shoulder’s good.  Feels great."
  • On Troy Woolfolk and following up on his comments: "I stop by his..room every day.  Every since that day he called me out I feel I’m obligated to show him, show the rest of the seniors, that I’m all in on this team and it’s all about Michigan."
  • On how he heard about Woolfolk’s comments:  "I actually heard it through my parents <laughs>.  But it’s not something to laugh about but it’s behind us and we’re just looking to keep moving forward as a team and getting better."
  • Was he mad when he heard the Woolfolk comments?  "No, not at all.  Like I said, seniors are the leaders of this team.  Whatever they say, they can say—it’s up to them.  We’re supposed to just follow them and they’re going to lead this team and I think they’re doing a great job at it."
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    1. That's encouraging, both for the team and for the young man's future to hear that he is handling this well. It's difficult anytime to be called out, let alone on a national stage. Good for you, Tate.

    2. Yeh, Tate showed alot of the ole blue moxie. We forget that he’s still a teenager, and learning and growing at the same time. He needs to be given a little breathing room now…go Tate, and GO BLUE!!!