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IIRC I saw these earlier in the year on the seniors but I haven’t seen a good pic so here’s one.  The Brandon Herron edition:


Elsewhere…Brady Hoke explained that each game the regular captains will be joined by a senior honorary captain.  In week one it was Ryan Van Bergen, who found out on Friday night.  I asked Van Bergen if he know if Hoke had created any other individual honors or awards, including the helmet stickersRVB said Hoke isn’t big on the individual awards and wasn’t aware of anything Hoke planned to do.

[Insert mandatory decal recap, via Dr. Sap]:



  1. I don’t care what anyone says, I like the Wolverine helmet stickers. I think those of us who attended Michigan during the Schembechler/Moeller eras are the only ones, though. I guess I like my nostalgia served up ’80s style.

  2. A little perspective: after having decals on the helmets since 1969, it was a forgone conclusion that the decals would be on the UM helmets each year. They just looked so cool on the helmets, especially by the end of the season! So, in 1983 & 1984 when Bo decided to NOT display the decals on the helmets (the team still kept track of them internally) the helmets just looked awfully PLAIN! I mean, they just didn’t look “right.” Of course there were some that claimed the lack of decals had something to do with the poor performance of those teams! (LOL!) But when they returned to the helmets in 1985, so did the play of the Wolverines. A great defense propelled Michigan to a #2 ranking at the end of the season and the next year in 1986, Bo and Michigan finally returned to the Rose Bowl after a 4-year (gasp!) hiatus. All because of the decals, of course!!