Terrelle Pryor wears Michigan gear?

NBC just noted that recruit QB Terrelle Pryor donned a Michigan sweatshirt before the U.S. All American Bowl, although the network noted it was in an effort to get the goat of the Ohio State recruits. Oh and yes, he’s pretty good…as in unstoppable.

McGuffie is out there is well and despite showing some flashes of speed, his size makes him look a tad out of his league. I probably would have said the same about Mike Hart (or Jamie Morris) in high school so whatever. And of course I don’t think Hart could do this!

Shucks, Pryor won the player of the year award and the game’s MVP. And McGuffie ripped off a nice run near the end of the game.


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  2. Mcguff the Speester

    Sam McGuffie isn’t the biggest player but his skill set will come into play as a scat back that finds the hole and then disappears into the secondary where he will use the space to show case his speed. Along with a good half back, the two have the potential to do some real damage to opposing teams.

  3. Terrelle Pryor also wore a Buckeye on his helmet during the game, so the Michigan gear does not mean anything.

    [No one ever said this meant anything. That said, some snuck the Buckeye on his helmet. He put on the Michigan sweatshirt.

  4. Pryor is coming to Ohio State along with Josh Jenkins and the Brew Crew!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Bucks it’s official

  5. i luv him!! he is so cute

  6. If pryor chooses ohio state it will just prove how smart he isnt… he’d be a total fool… the michigan program is a perfect fit for his abilities in which he has earned the top recruit status… ohio state has never put out a top notch nfl quarterback… he needs to think about that… if he has any brains at all…

  7. I would take sam mcguffie any day over terrelle in the looks department! Sam is such a hottie. Still Terrelle is huge he would squash little McGuffie!!

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  9. I wish this guy had signed with U of M. Hoping for a better season for the wolverines in 09.

  10. Hey,fans stop trying to put your stamp on this pryor kid. the man is the type of player that comes along,once in about 40,years. he from my point has the complete package. intellengence,speed strength inner,and outer intregity,and he’s even good looking. As for his passing,that will come as he get more reps. Remenber in high school,the opp could not stop him on the ground. So why throw we you run a 4:3.