1. David James Sohn

    Time for Michigans Athletic Director Dave Brandon send Rick Rodriguez (Dick Rod) packing or demote him to Offensive Coordinater and hire a real head coach like Jim Harbaugh who understands Defense wins Championships. Michigan State was the better team today! I can see Michigan losing to Iowa. Wisconsin, Illinois and Ohio State for a Total of 5 Big Ten losses if Michigan's defense remains lathargic.

  2. another great day to be a buckeye. Thank you Michigan for another good laugh

  3. buckeyes rule. The dream is over Michigan. Can't win without defense and a good coach. Thanks for another good laugh

  4. God i miss Lloyd Carr and his boring predictable offense that beat Sparty 7 in a row…

    BTW I don't blame Rich Rod as much as sailor Bill for hiring him.

  5. Mich will also lose to Purdue and maybe Penn State too. Maybe RR can arrange to play the girl scouts in 2011 preseason and really boost that "winning record" … be bowl eligible before facing the Big Ten (and I wouldn't count on beating Indiana next year). Poor Michigan … you are embarrassing the entire Big Ten.

  6. That's what ya'll get for going out of state to hire a coach. Last time we did that, we got the same thing. Now we have an "Ohio Man"! Go Bucks, Beat Blue!