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SALINE, MICHIGAN APRIL 24, 2005 Day One of the NFL draft is complete and I’m pretty sure they need to just rename the whole thing the Tom Brady annual NFL draft. I’m serious…if someone is calculating the number of times Tom Brady has been mentioned this weekend please Fedex your piles of data to me asap. Tie this into a drinking game and the ER will be short on stomach pumps. It is ridiculous. ESPN even has two different commercials running featuring Brady with the theme “who will be the next Tom Brady?” in the draft.

At this point, I think we can drop the Tom and save time by just calling him “Brady”. By the way, I think one of the spots is a re-run from last year where they say Brady has “two rings”. Hey ESPN, last I checked he is up to three now but since when is ESPN concerned with statistics? Keep in mind, this is coming from a guy who lives for references to Michigan and its players. Buckeye fans and Patriot haters must be going nuts. In case someone is wondering why they keep mentioning him, he was drafted in the 6th round and is the poster child for the potential value of late round picks.

Other takes:– Speaking of Michigan, certainly Braylon Edwards had a great season last year but he still had many drops. I wouldn’t have used a top 10, let alone top 3, pick on him.

– The Lions made a mistake taking another receiver in the first round. They should have picked up someone for the d-line or a linebacker and considered getting a receiver in a later round.

– Speaking of Brady, Detroit’s 1130 AM morning show declared last week that the only way Tom Brady wouldn’t make the NFL Hall of Fame is if he “killed someone on the field during a game…..with a knife”. Whoops, I can’t stop talking about Brady either.

– Maurice Clarett should thank his lucky stars for being selected on Day 1. It’s funny how far these guys drop when they have attitude problems. You’d think this would be enough to make guys shape up and fly right when in college.

– I can’t believe that no one took Michigan’s Ernest Shazor on Day 1. And not a single Spartan taken in the first three rounds? When is the last time that happened? I guess Shazor ran a little slow in the combine (4.7), but check out his size: 6′ 3 5/8″, 228 lbs, and his numbers: “led the Wolverines with 84 total tackles in 2004. He also had 10 tackles for loss, two interceptions, two forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries.” He was an All-American last year. When he declared for the draft in January, the Detroit News wrote “He said NFL insiders have told him he is projected a late first-, early second-round selection.” Wow, he’s either really dropped or was talking to some phony insiders. According to On the Clock, Shazor “should be a solid first day pick in April.” [Update 7pm EDT – The 2005 NFL draft is complete and no one took Ernest Shazor! In reviewing the message boards and discussing with Awes II, something is up. There must be something we don’t know].

– Rumor is that draft guru Mel Kiper, Jr. does not eat or drink on Draft day so he need to use the john and thus won’t miss anything that happens during the draft. Maybe they should make a special chair for him.

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