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I’ve known U-M football archivist Art Vuolo for a while because he’s omnipresent.  You can find him rolling tape at anything Michigan related—games, busts, award ceremonies, outings…you name it.

While he doesn’t have a high res shot of me catching Brendan Gibbons’ Sugar Bowl game winner, he’s got just about everything else.  Games videos, compilations and my favorite: complete games dubbed and synchronized with the Michigan radio broadcast instead of the clowns on ESPN/ABC/or NBC fergodsakes.  And he often includes extra features.  One of his finest is the 2011 Notre Dame DVD which includes all of the pre- and post-game ceremonies and celebrations, plus the halftime show.

For the historians he’s got a collection of films with the call of Bob Ufer dubbed over (up until Ufe’ died in 1981).  Yes, I said it:  Ufer over the video.

Everything doesn’t do this for profit.  Like me, he does this for the love of it.

Checkout the U-M Football collection here, and everything Art has to offer here.

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