There’s no doubt the online petition to Save the Miles is making an impact on State street. The cleverly titled the ‘Les Go Blue’ effort to organize fans to convince Bill Martin to get LSU coach Les Miles in Ann Arbor has gathered over 800 legitimate signatures so far. Forget unreturned phone calls, I’ll got out on a limb and predict that this could be the difference in this whole mess.

The petition asks for name, email and a pledge amount to the athletic department if Les Miles is hired (default is $10). A quick scan of the signatures to date yielded a few beauties:

* #659 Joel Jackson – Pledged $10,000. Hey big spender!
* #607 Edward Martin – The posthumous funding source of the Fab 5 gave no specific amount but offered “money and cakes if Les is hired”.
* #231 CCBIV -tied some conditions “$100 if it’s Miles, $0 if it’s ferentz, debord, grobe, pinkel” We’ll let the accountants sort that out once this is over.
* #472 Dave Paton indicated some bitterness in his offer: “$10 in pennies–and they won’t be rolled”. That’s old school retribution, baby. Nice work.
* #277 Stacey guaranteed she give “Whatever is left of my will”. How generous!
* Mike Hunt. This name shows up on many petitions for some reason and he’s listed twice here (#272 and #141). The latter offered a perpetual donation of “$0.72 per minute for life.” That man will make a fine husband some day.
* Not signed on yet but expected soon are Ms. Wilma Dickfit and Dr. Haywood Jablomie.
* Finally, a current assistant coach signed on but didn’t exactly step on up the donation: #106 Steve Szabo $10.

Update: Someone just added 1160. Dr. Erif Nitram, who backwards is named Fire Martin


  1. Les Stays at HOME

    Sorry Meechigan, you lose again, LES IS A CAJUN NOW!!!!!!

  2. I have no interest in returning to Michigan. It is too cold, and the food is bland, besides, Saturday nights in Tiger Stadium trumps the Big (Go App St) Houser.