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The media are now kicked out of practice for the rest of the season, maybe forever, thanks to someone who spilled the beans on what they saw during the 30 minute glimpse of practice afforded to the writers on Wednesdays.  According to mgoblog:

You know, I saw this Daily article detailing this new pitch play Michigan was working on, and I thought "that’s really cool, I wonder why more practice articles aren’t this specific":

In a rotation that was repeated about four times, a quarterback and running back lined up to practice a simple outside pitch play. Though the play was basic, the pairings were different than usual.

And then Michigan ran that pitch play to pretty good effect against Iowa and then Rodriguez closed practice for the rest of the year. Oh, that’s why.

Brian also mentioned that “blogs” might have been mentioned, but don’t look at me, Homes. 

Unless…Rodriguez got wind of these little plays I showed diagramed on this site last week:


If so, 1,000 apologies to RR, Angelique, Wojo and the rest.

Angelique talked about her understanding of the rules of what you can report from practices in the wake of the boot on WTKA radio.

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