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Yawn.  Stretch..I’m back after my three month tour of Europe, Scandinavia and the sub continent.

Following the uniform reveal there’s been mucho chatter regarding the potential for a maize jersey.  @UofM_graphix posted this:

Michigan All Maize Jersey

I saw this and booted but quickly rallied (to type this post).

Legend has it that this has been done before.  No, not in 1964 despite what this oft-reference graphics depicts:


Never happened:

Michigan Wolverines 1964


So that wasn’t real…but apparently the world did see the Wolverines in an all-maize way back in the day.  According to the book produced by my pals Bruce Madej and Greg Kinney Champions of the Westit was November 10, 1928 when Michigan faced Navy down in Baltimore.  Navy wore their traditional blue so U-M came up with the alternate maize design – and apparently they were not too well received (via the Uniform Timeline):

Navy Game 1928

While that’s a grainy B&W shot, you can clearly see one squad is wearing a light-colored jersey.  Add that in 1928 they certainly couldn’t produce the range of yellows that you see today, I’m guessing the canary was more of a dull yellow–but yellow nonetheless.  And P.S., the numbers were only on the backs of the jersey until 1930.

Either way – puke.  Don’t do it.  And don’t even try to invert the colors on the helmets!

More to come on the uni reveal.  Note that I won’t update the Uniform Timeline with specifics until we see which gear specifically makes it to the field, meaning starting with the Hawaii opener.



  1. Greg:

    Where is the go to spot for the sale/purchase of Michigan memorabilia? If you send me an email, I can give you more details on the why of the question.

  2. I agree. Say NO to a maize jersey! I’m against any 3rd jersey that has nothing to do with our history. I didn’t mind the UTL throwback, but the Bumblebee, Outback Bowl and Jerryworld jerseys were awful.

  3. Did they actually play with those striped hats in 1879?