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Tip of the hat to MVictors undercover agent Kelley.   Check out the posted lyrics to the fight song of Yuma, Arizona’s Cibola High School:

cibola high 2

I ran this through the CSI Hard Evidence comparison widget and it came back as a 106% match to Louis Elbel’s original, ‘The Victors’.   Perhaps it’s fair game since Elbel himself borrowed the melody from his pal George Rosenberg or more importantly, it was published before 1923 and is in the public domain. 

Either way, Dave Brandon is on the horn with the marketing department and his jet is warming up as I type.   The Cibola High gym will be a pile of rubble before the sun goes down.


  1. My old high school has the same deal. We have almost everything the same as Michigan – I even had my own maize and blue winged helmet, gold pants, and blue jersey until they decided to change up the uniforms. Hartland High School, about 25 minutes north of Ann Arbor up US-23.

    The story goes that we got Michigan’s old practice jerseys one year and that’s why we adopted their style, though I’m not sure how true that was.

    The fight song:

    Hail! To The Hartland Eagles
    Hail! To The Blue And Gold
    Hail! Hail! To Hartland High
    The Leaders And The Best

    Hail! To The Hartland Eagles
    Hail! To The Blue And Gold
    Hail! Hail! To Hartland High
    The Champions Of The Rest

  2. The fight song for the John Glenn Rockets in Westland borrowed Ohio’s tune. The tune was selected and the lyrics were written by the HS Band Director who was a Michigan grad and a Michigan Marching Band alumnus. Sigh.

    We got over it and eventually forgave him.

    Onward, onward go you Rockets
    Fight for victory
    and we’ll remember that our motto
    stands for Honor, Loyalty
    Fight, Fight Fight.

    We will always ever be true
    To our colors red, white, and blue.
    Fight, Fight for John Glenn High
    and the victory is our’s tonight.