I guess I’m few that hasn’t really notice meaningful difference in the level of crowd noise this season but we confirmed on Saturday how quiet that place can get.  There were times when it was ‘Moment of Silence’ quiet in there.   I sat 40 rows behind Michigan’s bench and during certain stretches I could hear Rodriguez…with his back to me. 

And there were those uber tranquil moments when you could clearly make out the chirping of birds (a.k.a. Crisler crickets).  It’s eerie.

I know there’s a lot of folks who are working for things to be louder.  While I think that effort is pretty pointless I’ll will offer this – if you really want to make Michigan Stadium louder you’ve got to work on the students and maybe the band.   And it’s more than just the keys that many hate.  I sat a few seats away from the senior edge of the student section and while they’re standing the whole game and certainly into it, they’re as quiet as the wine and cheese fans during the lulls.

Other notes:

  • I have friends that live about a mile from the stadium and they shared an interesting item.  Since the renovation structures were filled out this year, they can’t really hear the roars of the crowd or the PA announcer from their homes during games, and yes, they miss it.  It definitely makes sense that the sound would be blocked or redirected.
  • The guy on the RAWK music button was out of control in the first half.  Love it or hate it, it seemed like they decided to push the envelope on it and piped in music like 10 times in the first half.  Thankfully, at least to me, it was dialed down a bit in the second stanza.  Speaking of the music, they aren’t giving up on Eminem’s Lose Yourself but still can’t get it right.  They dropped the start of the intro but the build up before the lyrics is just too long, especially with the no-huddle offenses.  Isn’t it time for some Run DMC?


  1. Greg, a theory, for what it’s worth:
    The first three games represented a unique opportunity for noise, the new structures, the addition of the piped in music, and the hope that anything could and would be better than last season. It became a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy. As Michigan played better (particularly as the fans felt like they were needed against Notre Dame), the fans became louder.

    Yesterday’s game represents the beginnings of the return of what I called “The Scandinavian Fanbase”. Michigan fans are trained from a very early age that something can and will come along to ruin the season and you will never see it coming. The potential of a loss to Indiana, well, that would certainly return any Michigan fan to a silent, stoic fatalist, the ones who have long inhabited Michigan Stadium. It’s hard to be excited when you believe that losing to Indiana is a distinct possibility.

    I understand that people want a loud and intimidating stadium and I understand that in many ways, that represents a sharp break with tradition. Michigan Stadium can become a louder place, and I do think you have identified some key places to start, with the students and with the band. But the road to becoming something akin to Beaver Stadium is long and requires buy-in for a longer period of time than just four games.

  2. The students and The Band make up a small portion oof the stadium crowd. Being a member of the AARP the Big House needs to become the Loud House. Pipe in the music that gets your blood boiling, the tunes that make you want to FIRE UP the home team and make the visitors wonder what they have walked into.

    I am tired of those who feel that their right is to stay seated as though they were watching movie or the opera and the only noise they make is “Down in Front” when those in front are cheering on the home team. That my friends is not a cheer.

    May I suggest that you head to Penn State or tosu and hear the roar. You may even go to Yost feel the juice that flows.

    I was disgusted with the fans last year in our house against MSU and 2 years ago against tosu. The visitors made more noise than you did. Stand up, its only 4 hours. I am sure you have been on your feet longer shopping for deals at Briarwood.

    Yes, we are Michigan. I suggest that you do everything to make it difficult for the team in white to conduct business that day.

    BE LOUD—–SHOUT——-and BE PROUD. You are part of the greatest tradition in ALL of College Football.

  3. The reason the “RAWK Music Guy” played more music than usual in the 1st half was that there were exciting moments in the last 2:00 of the half, when the Michigan Marching Band wasn’t available to play. They were scattered on the sidelines, waiting to go on the field for halftime, so the Music Guy filled in the gaps.

  4. Charles In Charge

    I think Drew’s right on with the “RAWK music guy” observation. I think it needs not just some Run DMC, but also some Clash and a bit more 70s Brit Punk, what gets soccer fans in Europe hyped up should be good enough for the Big House.

  5. The music should 90% be from Michigan. I don’t care if Run DMC or the Clash get you going. The White Stripes and Eminem are both from Michigan. That makes the noise cool. Also, the music is partly for the players. The players don’t want 70’s/80’s rock. I love GNR and Judas but that music 1. isn’t Michigan and 2. isn’t music that pumps up the players. The music needs to fit 1 of those categories.

  6. It was an absolute disgrace when the RAWK MUSIC drowned out the students’ Go! Blue! chant. Absolute disgrace. I like rawk music but on Saturday the bad far outweighed the good.

  7. One potential negative of the piped-in music that I’ve observed so far is that the defense may actually be a little distracted by it. There were others in my section who also voiced this opinion. The defense should be focusing on their assignments, not waving their arms to the crowd all the time and bopping to the music. That said, it’s impossible for the people in the booth to know when the chants are going to break out, so some are unfortunately going to get drowned out. But they definitely need to cut down on the number of times they use it. I’m in favor of their use of G&R, AC/DC, Eminem, and The White Stripes so far, but that’s about it. Get rid of everything else that isn’t in the RAWK genre. The band can handle stuff like Sweet Caroline.

  8. I like a mix of the music with the traditional band stuff, but DJ Melle Mel needs to time things a little better. I agree that the BIG HOUSE needs to be a little more vocal, so I back anything to get the place jumpin.

    Run DMC would be nice, but I think the house needs a little bit of my brother, Kool Moe Dee!

  9. The music needs to stay. The joke has been for many years that Michigan, for being the Big House, sure doesn’t sound like it. The fans are stoic and reserved, which is not necessarily true.

    They are still learning how to work on timing and the songs, but if you have been to other games at other venues it sure does get the crowd going. Michigan just needs to work on it and make it their own.

    All things must and do change, if we wanted to argue tradition let’s go back to using leather helmets and no padding since that is how the game started out.