Once again I had the honor of witnessing the finishing touches on the Minnesota-Michigan game.  Monday afternoon artist Jil Gordon painted Saturday’s tally on the Little Brown Jug under the watchful eye of the jug-bearer, longtime U-M equipment manager Jon Falk.   (If you missed Angelique’s piece on Gordon last week, check it out here.)

Here’s a few photos from Schembechler Hall:

Jon Falk, Jil Gordon - Little Brown Jug


Jon Falk - Little Brown Jug 

Scores on the Little Brown Jug


Jil was also able to get her hands on the replica inside the SH museum and tighten up the scores on that beauty as well:

 Little Brown Jug - REPLICA

The Space Quandary.  So the big question of course is what to do next season, as today Jil filled up the last slot left on the old crock in the current grid configuration.  Options, ideas, et cetera have been discussed on these pages before.   My gut:  they will add new space for scores above the Ms, a single short column above, and a pair of columns below.  All told you can record around 32-38 additional scores that way.  

Maintenance.  A couple folks noticed in a tweet today that one year was blanked out.  Explanation:  When she updates the jug, Jil will occasionally (and thankfully) do a little maintenance.  The 2001 cell was a bit choppy – it’s all good now.

Data.  In the 93 games in the series (and I’m counting 1903 because the score is on the Jug), the average score is Michigan 24.2, Gophers 11.4.  Minnesota has tallied 1059 points to the Wolverines 2247. 

Since Bo arrived in 1969, the average score is <cough> Michigan 37, Minnesota 12.4.

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  1. Thanks for the great LBJ coverage, Greg!

    Good to see her update the replica. I used to volunteer at the Museum in the early 2000’s, and the replica was out-of-date then (only had the 1987 score).

  2. @98XJ
    Thanks and yes, agree, I’m glad she tightened up the replica. Everything seems in order now.