A hearty well done to reader Brian Snider for being the latest member of the Little Brown Jug club, and did he ever.  Snider created not only a 5 gallon version (like the actual jug), he knocked out four and three-gallon versions:


Snider joins:

Each member of the group has drawn on the experiences of the others.  Perhaps we need to form a Union – The Brotherhood of Primers and Jug Painters, Local 1903.

Great work Brian!

Update #1:  Snider is offering the 4 gallon version of the jug on eBay right now.  It’s the easy way to enter the Jug Club.   
Update #2:  And speaking of auctions, check out a new mgoauction featuring a Jug print signed by the A-Train, Chuck Woodson and Butch Woolfolk:


For more on the jug, get with the lore:

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  1. What are the shades of the various paint colors? I’m toying with making an attempt myself and I’m curious as to how to find the right shade of maize and blue and gold and maroon.

  2. Hi Brian – Welcome to the JUG CLUB !! Your the first with multiple Jugs, creating one took me a Winter of late night work. Do you have a Jug Hauler Box of any type, i just created one for my Jug ?? Brian in the Comment above – Sherwin Williams paint store can mix paints in “Michigan Maize n Blue” and “Minnesota Maroon n Gold” if you ask. Good Luck, it was an enjoyable project….Dennis Dail

  3. Outstanding work, Brian!
    Between you and the other members of the Jug Brotherhood, someone NEEDS to create ANOTHER jug and donate it to the two schools!
    I mean, can you envision the rivalry WITHOUT a jug?!?!?
    And what if it looks DIFFERENT from the original?
    Someone needs to step up and do it before the next time UM & M play!!!