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  2. Meanwhile, Coach Dantonio is twiddling his thumbs up in East Lansing, keeping mum about the pathetic off-field actions of his players, in effect punting the decision to bowl officials to determine whether his team would be a worthy representative of the school and the rest of the conference and praying that some bowl, any bowl, will have him.

  3. Hahaha, gutsy even from a Michigan fan? Where exactly are you bowling this year again?

  4. “Notre Dame Quitting Irish” would have been better

    How exactly can a Michigan fan mock this? Sure sucks to be you, I guess. Hope ya feel better.

  5. Thanks G, but I like this title much better. And my team finished its season on the field like men and never quit. Feel better? Actually I think this is pretty sad but I guess I’m glad my team beat the Quitter Dame Quitting Quitters

  6. Yea Lew, Dantonio must of read your post because he had a presser today to address the situation after a 2.5 hour practice (nice to have those). I am sure he must be thinking that he would rather be at um where he would have a player with a pending sexual assualt case, be under ncaa investigation, finish dead last in the big 10 with no bowl game, and be a lame duck coach. @Lew

  7. You know, for some strange reason, after ND gets rejected by the coaches on top of their wish list, I think Mark Dantonio will become ND’s next head coach.

  8. @Biggie Munn

    Biggie, I’m not happy with my team. Are you happy with yours? You guys have a chance to pull away from Michigan but as long as Dantonio is at the helm, mediocrity will reign and he’ll keep tripping over his own feet until Michigan gets back on theirs.

  9. Jerome Bettis has a radio show out here in Pittsburgh. When asked if he thinks ND should go to a bowl, he said no; that 6-6 was not acceptable, especially if it means playing in a bowl like The Motor City Bowl (Yes, I know it’s the Little Caesars Bowl, but outside of Michigan, Little Caesars is not a big deal). I know Michigan & Michigan State fans (prior to M’s horrible 2 seasons) have said the same thing about playing in Detroit. For one thing, the freebies suck: when Purdue played in the D, they got a duffle bag, a Motor City Bowl watch and a football with the Purdue logo on it. Wow.

  10. Lew, you know I disagree with you concerning Coach D and his upside. Isn’t it fun busting each others chops about who’s lot sucks less? :^(@Lew

  11. @Biggie Munn

    I know, Biggie. It’s always fun when Sparty and Wolverine fans can engage in some friendly ribbing. Just like any sibling rivalry…. :^)

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